All about Love at First Bite (Anthology 4-in-1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Sherrilyn Kenyon, L.A. Banks, Susan Squires, and Ronda Thompson paranormal romantic fantasies that grip readers with the first bite of love and never stops. Love at First Bite is an anthology of four paranormal romance and urban fantasy novellas, Until Death We Do Part by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Dark-Hunters #).

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I fell like I’m missing out on a huge segment of the story, but it’s aggravated me at this point and I doubt I’ll go back and find the series. Emma is a vivacious and adventurous young lady who would rather risk her life in a dangerous place than to live without the man she loves.

I enjoyed the play on name twist at the end. She doesn’t entirely succeed in her plan though, because she’s a little too cautious to fully follow through with it. The other story “the Gift” by Susan Squires was good as well. Merrick is an incredibly sexy hero. The third and fourth stories were regency romances with vampires in the starring roles.

I need no other knowledge of Ms.

Love at First Bite (Anthology 4-in-1)

It gives the backstory of Guardians Jose and Juanita who are apparently main characters in the series. Only thing is, Velkan didn’t think the plan would work. These were pretty fun. The only thing His Firwt would like to see in regards to you, Princess, is your disembowelment.

Can she believe Velkan? She adores horses and knows as much about them as many men do, but of course, being a lady, is not really allowed to have anything to do with them other than to ride, which she loves.

I just wanted to slap her. So, it still broke my heart to have them apart for such an extended period before finally finding each other again. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Chantelle Sep 25, I think she needed to do a lot more groveling for what she put the poor man through, especially since he had done nothing but look out for her well-being all those years too. Also, some characters from previous books appeared, including Ian Rufford, the hero of The Companionwho had a strong secondary role and Beatrix, the heroine of The Hungerwho showed up briefly near the end.

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Presents four tales of supernatural romance, including “Until Death Do Us Part” in which Esperetta, bound to her husband’s soul because of black magic, must unite with him after five hundred years to battle an old enemy, and the reunion sparks passion. Instead, he is called back into battle, and wt desperate fate.

Aug 27, Misti rated it it was ok Shelves: In this respect, I think it would have been better to have read the series in order. It gave her the much needed opportunity to grow and mature to be able to take a man and what a man! The Forgotten One by Ronda Thompson. Obviously, that didn’t work out. They were madly in love, when one night Esperetta’s father, Vlad the Impaler, killed her.

I’m slowly becoming more interested in the series as a whole and might be persuaded to give it a try. Then there was the “Big Misunderstanding” and the heroine left the hero. There firet an undeniable attraction between the two.

Aug 21, Vanessa theJeepDiva rated it liked it Shelves: I did like, though, how bold Emma was in licking Davie’s wound so she could take in his vampire blood and turn. In a very short time, I came to care for both Anne and Ifrst. A collection of short stories that I’m sure is amazing in its entirety, but my tiny sin is that However, since he is now immortal so is his wife Esperetta because when they were married Valkan joined their lives together.

You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Not the best story in the Dark Hunter world, but it was good and I enjoyed it. I also got the feeling that Davie and Emma were probably introduced in a previous book, because it was mentioned that they stood up for Ian and his wife at their wedding. They were married as humans and then both killed. As a result, I have yet to try the main part of the series. However, by all accounts Velkan had been an amazing husband, treating her with the utmost kindness and respect in sherrrilyn of being a hardened medieval warrior, and she supposedly had loved him as deeply as he had loved her.


The last story was from Ronda Thompson and I loved this one.

Banks’ writing is pretty solid and her stories have a certain dark appeal. She goes back to her home just in time to see Velkan firs her father –and she believes he betrayed her. When she turns that kkenyon trust shrrilyn Merrick, it nearly overwhelms him. I think that if this had been a stand-alone novella without the Dark-Hunter elements or a Dark-Hunter novella without the other stuff, it would have been lovs tighter and clearer story. Banks Okay – the problem with anthologies is that you’ll come across a story that is part OVERALL – I’m going to round up to 4 stars overall – the average comes out to 3.

Now, they must come together to fight an old enemy‚Ķand the passion that threatens to consume them once more. While the writing seems to give more reader-time with Esperetta than our hero, Velkan, the two definitely share chemistry, and the plotting is damned solid. Because of a longstanding feud between their houses, the realized they would have to fake their deaths to escape their families. The City of LA gave him a blank building wall to paint on but little did he know that his art was going to betray him as if he was breaking the law and almost got arrested by LAPD but then the vampires came and then he heard a female’s voice and saved not only his life but bjte as well and fled to his grandpa’s house.

The sensations Merrick arouses in her and the way he understands her and is willing to accept her eccentricities also makes her feel liberated. Not to mention, when Retta’s current venomous sarcasm was added to the mix, it all made her seem very childish and shrewish to me. Although Until Death We Do Part is part of the Dark-Hunter series, there is no specific connecting plot and no carry-over characters that Eknyon aware of. Other books in the series.