Life-Size [Jenefer Shute] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Landing in the hospital after starving herself down to a mere sixty-seven pounds . The key to its success is that Jenefer Shute understands the importance of language in the strategies of the anorexic, and turns it to literary. Life-Size, a novel by Jenefer Shute: “Unforgettable” (Washington Post Book World); “A remarkable novel” (The New York Times Book Review).

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Hyde of self-image, takes some of the fun out of the sculpting: Nov 05, Shannon rated it it was amazing Shelves: More discussion of these memories, and fewer descriptions of food, would help us to better understand her current condition. The author did a wonderful job of portraying the mindset of those suffering from anorexia.

Very interesting to hear her thoughts and catch glimpses of exactly why she is struggling with her emotions and ED. Interesting look at a young woman struggling with extreme anorexia. Yes, she’s anorexic, but Jenefwr don’t really care to hear about food and how she feels about it page after page after page. Or realistic in terms of what has caused our heroine to develop and eating disorder and realistic in terms of: A very interesting read, not to mention, you will never look at food the same after her descriptions!

Whilst I liked this book a jemefer, I didn’t love it. No one ever said you had to like the main character in a novel, but it sure helps, especially if you’re trapped in a hospital room for several weeks with her, and the food is bad.


Through Thick and Thin: The victim is also the perpetrator, who, in an effort to gain control over a life run amok, marshals the will to at least gain dominion over the increasingly narrow sphere of the body.

The reader doesn’t hope for her recovery or, at a minimum, her The author did a wonderful job of portraying the mindset of those suffering from anorexia. But mostly I felt a call to arms to Do Something: Sie is the perfect crime.

The abrupt changes in time-frame and thought process were abrupt and disrupting. Return to Book Page. To view it, click here.

Three and a half stars. Some parts are difficult to read emotionally and can be triggering but it is an honest approach to the subject. Nov 01, Vicky Ziliaskopoulou rated it liked it Shelves: It’s hard jeneger to admire the protagonist who triumphs. I got goosebumps reading about her horrible parents and the callus, burned-out medical staff.

Couldn’t put it down.

LIFE-SIZE by Jenefer Shute | Kirkus Reviews

The writing, while at times sarcastically witty, sounded for the most part like an adult writing and failing to sound like a teen. Both a cautionary tale and a call to arms for women whose lives are diminished by the tyranny of thinness, this harrowing novel about a young woman’s anguished battle with anorexia is by turns crackling, acrid, and darkly comic. I have very limited knowledge of anorexia and this book has opened my eyes and mind to the struggles faced by Josie.

I keep picturing people I’ve known in the past—college friends, coworkers, family members—who suffered, and are probably still suffering, from this terrible disease.

shue It began well, then it sank too far to be saved. Jul 20, Liz rated it liked it. Aug 21, Jennifer rated it it was ok. You can just imagine what she does with sex “9 calories per teaspoon”.


She is unapologetic, and strives to starve herself until almost the final pages of the novel this detail will not spoil the book for you, I promise. Her mind is so focused on her body. Want sshute Read Currently Reading Read. You want her to get better. It’s tough to read a book about eating disorders—even evocative, well-written books siez this—from the comforts of my own healthy body image. This book was a rock for me as there are so many famous ED quotes in it.

One meal consists of a “corpse and a tree; a fluid secreted by bovine mammary glands. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts.

The anorexic thinks she’s found the perfect way to rein them all in and tell them who’s boss. Her habits around food, how it jenfeer began. Apr 29, Courtney rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Jun 21, J. Jul 22, Gina rated jenefet it was amazing. Excellent first person narrative on anorexia. Sep 04, Jodi rated it it was ok Recommended to Jodi by: It’s a very internal story. I read this book as a free galley when I worked at the bookstore.

Life Size CL

It’s a linear story, not completely at least. Apr 26, Gina rated it it was amazing. Frog”–are noted for their “sagging buttocks,” “Turkey’s tired wattles” and “baggy eyelids.