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Aequalitas essendi en la obra De Docta Ignorantia de Nicolás de Cusa

Cusanus thereupon asks a hypothetical question. In other words, both reason and a supra-rational understanding are needed to understand God. Jesus Christ is the historical human image of the Absolute One beyond our ken and thus the paradigm that reveals our creaturely connection with the infinite God. Platonismus im ChristentumFrankfurt am Main: Harvard University Press, Moreover, the appearance of the six constellations above the horizon does not establish that the earth is at the center of the eighth sphere.

In that way, each natural thing is an image of the collective whole. Augustine of Hippofor instance, stated ” Est ergo in nobis quaedam, ut dicam, docta ignorantia, sed docta spiritu dei, qui adiuvat infirmitatem nostram ” [1] – “There is therefore in us a certain learned ignorance, so to speak — an ignorance which we learn from that Spirit of God who helps our infirmities”; here he explains the working of the Holy Spirit among men and women, despite their human insufficiency, as a learned ignorance.

The human mind is a parallel though limited oneness that can enfold or encompass the concepts of all it knows while unfolding them in a conceptual universe. Designating God as the Oppositeness of such opposites can take us from the distinctions and oppositions with which we are familiar to the One who is responsible for there being such oppositions.

Nicholas of Cusa: Docta Ignorantia, a Philosophy of Infinity

A whole range of earlier medieval writers, such as Thierry of Chartre, Ramon Llull and Albert the Great, influenced Nicholas, but his important intellectual roots are in Proclus and Dionysius the Areopagite. In his language of maximality, it would be another maximum contracted to a unique individual of a given kind.


Medieval philosophy Renaissance philosophy. Hopkinssee his use of medieval scholastic language for the powers and activities of the mind as placing him mainly in the medieval Aristotelian-Thomist tradition of critical realism, while emphasizing anew the active character of knowing at all levels and thus stressing that the mind is an active power.

Translation and AnalysisMinneapolis: For other uses, see CUSA disambiguation. All this is mathematically impossible, of course, but it demonstrates some metaphorical steps for moving beyond the finite toward the ignorancja that might be transferred from geometrical figures to created beings and their Creator.

Cusanus gives expression to this important difference between finite and Infinite when he dr that the divine Not-Other is not other than any created other. Since it is a painting we see, what we seem to experience as we look into the eyes of Jesus is not really taking place.

Mind is the image of this enfolding Simplicity. Views Read Edit View history. Learned ignorance may thus press the Cusan metaphors and ideas to the limit in dealing with Ignorancka Christ, because the hypostatic oneness of the incarnate God will always elude full human understanding. Along with providing this ideal limit to what we know, things outside dcota mind also stand as hicolas that themselves measure our cognitive assimilating.

You know how the divine Simplicity enfolds all things. In he became vicar general in the Papal States. Indeed, it is even necessary that the earth be moved in such way that it could be moved infinitely less.

Nicholas was widely read, and his works were published in the sixteenth century in both Paris and Basel. Geometrical figures are used early in Book 1 of On Learned Ignorance to illustrate how our knowledge of created things is only approximative.

Nicholas would later claim in the postfaced dedicatory letter of On Learned Ignorancewhich Nicholas finished writing on 12 February that he had chosen xe write on this metaphysical topic because of a shipboard experience of divine illumination while on the ship returning from this mission to Constantinople.

Tozer refers to Nicholas as someone who had a vibrant Christian spirituality, stating in Chapter 7, “I should like to say more about this old man of God.


Earlier scholars had discussed the question of “learned ignorance”. Recognizing that they exist, we also acknowledge that they are what our knowledge is about. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Nicholas of Cusa and His Age: One is the fact that the objects of perception are themselves limited. Retrieved 3 May The divine Not-Other is simply not one of the things we are familiar with in the world we inhabit, where all is multiplicity and difference, where each thing or state of affairs is other than or different from every other existent thing or situation that obtains.

Nicholas supported transfer of the council to Italy to meet with the Greeks, who needed aid against the Ottoman Turks. What is distinctive about Christian Neoplatonism is its ability to hold ignkrancia dialectically in thought the insight it provides about this asymmetrical, non-reciprocal ontological connection between God and creatures.

Acerca de la Docta Ignorancia : Nicolas De Cusa :

Catholicism portal Pope portal. But the illusory image in this case is of Christ suffering and looking at me.

The two metaphors may well run counter ugnorancia each other. In this work Nicholas also introduces an explicit contrast between the human capacities of ratio and intellectus. Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Nikolaus von Kues niclas Vordenker moderner Naturwissenschaft? Protestants, however, found his writings against the Hussites wrong. In Book 1 he expounds a hierarchical view of creation and of the church, following Dionysius the Areopagite.

The Legacy of Learned Ignorance”. He was suspected by some of holding pantheistic beliefs, but his writings were never accused of being heretical.

To this charitable institution that he had founded he bequeathed his entire inheritance: Jason is currently reading it Mar 27, Number here refers primarily to arithmetic and geometry, to the whole numbers and to plane and solid figures.