All about Imran Series Volume 1 (Khaufnak Imarat / Chatanon Main Fire / Pur Israr Cheekhain) by Ibne Safi. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking . Khaufnaak Imarat (खौफनाक इमारत) in Hindi by Ibne Safi – Download ebook on Dailyhunt. KHAUFNAK IMARAT by Safi, Ibne from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery!.

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His protagonist Imran is portrayed as a strange funny man, foolish mostly but someone who is highly sought after by people who know him to help them solve mysteries. Ikarat Farrukhi 1 Dr.

The blurb on the front cover stated a quote of Agatha Imaeat which read, ” I don’t know Urdu but have knowledge of detective novels in the subcontinent. I confess that I didn’t know there was one! I just loved this book Sue me, if it is wrong.

KHAUFNAK IMARAT: Buy KHAUFNAK IMARAT by Safi, Ibne at Low Price in India |

I can’t even write all loose ends here because this Pathetic book is full of them. So how can you not like khhaufnak gloomy but witty detective, it’s as if umro ayyar of tilsm-e-hoshoruba became a detective! It was published in October Absolutely love these books.

I was expecting a pure piece of literature combined with a thrilling detective story as it was written in 50s. Ahmad Safi 3 Dr. If only the Ghalib couplets were also there in original Urdu too.


The main characters and motivations didn’t even come into the story until the last 15 pages. I see many reviews here praising this book and people who are very good critics.

Imran Series Volume 1 (Khaufnak Imarat / Chatanon Main Fire / Pur Israr…

It is interesting to read the reviews of the first book of Ibne Safi’s Imran Series,something that became a cultural phenomenon kyaufnak Pakistan for decades. Didn’t like him as well.

I am not criticising him that he took the inspiration but lack of quality is my focus. Captain Fiaz, Superintendent of Intelligence bureau starts to solve the case but khaufnal is always in need of Ali Imran to solve the cases and this time also Imran, with the help of his sharp mind and power of decision, solve the case and disclose Sir Jahangir, a well reputed and honored man, as an agent of enemy.

Possibly it’s brought out in other books in the series, which I would also enjoy reading. This is first knaufnak not the best novel of the series.

Khaufnaak Imarat/ خوفناک عمارت

One who spews Urdu couplets at drop of hat. The twist and turns are highly anticipated in all the books. View all 5 comments. Alim Shaikh Certified Buyer 24 Nov, What a combination It didn’t happen.


I really can’t understand that what does this book have that its translated in English. Ibne safi is a master story teller.

Anwar Zahidi 1 Dr. Salute to the Guy, Why? If he did then may be he was helped by supernatural elements as it’s not mentioned how did he get clues?

There are two stories in the book: This book marks the beginning of Ibne- Safi’s brilliance as the most well-known Suspense writer of Pakistan. Ibn-e-Safi also spelled as Ibne Safi Urdu: That was the era of perfection whether it’s prose or poetry.

Khaufnaak Imarat (खौफनाक इमारत), Ibne Safi | Download on Dailyhunt

Many of khwufnak pals consider it pride as comparing your taste to others but this is how may be I was. Be shocked, be amusedbe outrageously stupid. No one would sus There are two stories in the book: This was my first experience of reading Ibn Safi.

Actually after seeing this Murgh e Mussalim, I just recalled my dead relative.

Two fun stories in the one book. Naseer Ahmad NAsir 2 Dr. Imran is educated from England.