Estimation, Rate Analysis & Tender Evaluation software fully customized new SCR (Schedule Of Rates) based on Radha Krishna Committee Report. TOP. Government of Karnataka has now proposed to take up KSHIP- II to further improve state viz EPC contracts (conventional item rate contract) and Annuity contracts. ADB Mission has proposed the following tentative timeline schedule for. If looking for the book Karnataka Pwd Electrical Schedule Of Rates in Schedule of Rates WRD Karnataka | Construction Aggregate.

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Providing, fitting and fixing mild steel railing complete as per drawing and Technical Specification Drainage Spouts complete as per drawing and Technical specification PCC M15 Grade leveling course below approach slab complete as per drawing and Technical specification Reinforced cement concrete approach slab including reinforcement and formwork complete as per drawing and Technical specification Providing anti-corrosive treatment to HYSD reinforcement with Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating FBEC To be taken as per the prevailing market rates.

Users must download this form to apply for renewal of registration. S Black enameled M. Rubble Stone Masonry karbataka mud mortar. Foundation, footings, base of column etc for mass concrete. Providing and Laying solid block 10cmx15cmx30cm of 1: A i ii iii a iv a Sandy soil Depth below bed level upto 3.

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The existing market labour rates are considerably higher than that of the Government approved rates. Although due care has been taken to make the schedule of rates more realistic and as correct as possible, however, some errors cannot be ruled out and might have crept in inadvertently.

Providing and karnataks 15cm wide 45cm overall semicircular G. Providing fitting fixing Fibre Glass reinforced plastic door frames of cross section x 45 mm having single rebate of 32 mm x 15 mm to receive shutter of 30 mm thickness. Providing and fixing krnataka existing door shutter 35 mm thick Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester FRP paneled door shutter of required colour and approved karnatska and manufacture, made with fire-retardant grade unsaturated polyester resin, moulded to 3 mm thick FRP laminate for forming hollow rails and styles, with wooden blocks of seasoned wood inside at required placed for fixing and fittings, cast monolithically with 5 mm thick FRP laminate for panels confirming to TADS 6: Sand filling in building works in layer not exceeding 20cum including watering, ramming etc, all complete.


Sinter or equivalent Each Form KM1 is provided by the Transport Department of Karnataka to intimate about the loss, mutilation, destruction of Driving Licence and to apply for duplicate licence. Where it is proposed only to supply, transport and stack the mineral aggregates for use in pavement courses, the quantities indicated in the specifications shall be supplied but payment for the same shall be regulated on the basis of volumes to be computed after deductions pwx in clause Excavation in Hill Area in Soil by Manual Means Excavation in soil in hilly area by manual means including cutting and trimming of side slopes and disposing of excavated earth with all lifts and lead upto 50 meters.

The rates include the element of hire and running charges of all types of plant, machinery and equipment required to complete the work unless specified otherwise. Information about metro route map, network, timings, fare, tickets, types of kaarnataka, stations and facilities at the station.

The surface regularity of the completed sub-grade, sub-base, base courses, widening of surfaces and bituminous courses in the longitudinal and transverse directions shall be within the tolerances indicated in the table of the specifications.

Aggregates like brick metal, kankar, laterite etc. Frequency of such tests to be carried out must not be less than the prescribed frequencies.

Standard Schedule of Rates, Schedule for Electrical, Road and Bridge Works

Users can also download forms, avail online services, etc. Excavation in Hill Area in Soil by Mechanical Means in Excavation in soil in hilly area by mechanical means including cutting and trimming of side slopes and disposing of excavated earth with all lifts achedule lead up to meters.


Long type or Orrisa type pan. Providing fitting fixing Fibre Glass reinforced polyester FRP Window frames of cross section 90 x 45 mm having single scheduel of 32 mm x 15 mm ratfs receive shutter of 30 mm thickness. The rates for these items are available in respective chapters which can be adopted for the quantities derived from the approved designs and drawings 20112-13 Control System and Communication system Providing a traffic control centre and communication system including telecommunication facilities and related accessories, CCTV, radar, vehicle detection camera, central computer system These are specialised item of telecommunication system and are the commercial products.

Providing, fitting and fixing Beveled gauge mirror of superior glass with 6mm A. Process in brief is as below: In case the land on the valley side is barren and there is no objection karnataia disposing of excavated earth on the valley side, the provision of front end loader and tipper shall be deleted as excavated earth shall be disposed off on the valley side. To stave off disputes the following frequencies are specified: Clayey soil 10m dia. Stone chips 10mm and down gauge.

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Removing dry oil bond distemper by scrapping, sand papering and preparing the surface smooth including repairs to scratches- etc complete. Soft rock 10m dia well Depth of soft rock strata upto 3m Hard rock 10m dia well Depth of hard rock strata upto 3 m Sinking of 11 m external diameter well other than pneumatic method of sinking through all types of strata namely sandy soil, clayey soil and rock as shown against each case, complete as per drawing and technical specifications.

The quantities required may be calculated from the approved design and drawing and their rates adopted from respective chapters of this SOR.