Editorial Reviews. Review. Product Description. Jack Holloway works alone, for Fuzzy Nation – Kindle edition by John Scalzi. Download it once . Fuzzy Nation seeks to bring a 21st century storytelling sensibility to a half-century -old genre classic, and it succeeds far more wildly than I imagine even John. Yes, Fuzzy Nation is a book that is a reimagining of story and events of .. John – I read online elsewhere that Fuzzy Nation is actually in the.

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That being the case:.

Fiction Book Review: Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi. Tor, $ (p) ISBN

Fuzzy Nation – November 5 5 Nov 15, But both he and Carl love it, so he still is having Carl do it secretly. Piper’s Jack Holloway was a crusty old ish prospector who immediately adopted a paternal, protective love for the Fuzzies who moved into his cabin, stopping at nothing to protect them as a man would his own children from natuon nefarious designs of the Zarathustra Corporation. It was just straight up cheesy.

Hiring somebody else to write it completely undermines fkzzy of the purposes of the exercise. They are terrific characters that never cross the line from people to play thing. He just didn’t here and it ruined a promising story. What began as an unabashed exercise in labor-of-love fanfic became not only excellent SF in its own right, but, incidentally, Scalzi’s best novel to date in a career that was already impressive and well above the bell curve.


Tweets by SFReviewsnet Movies get remade, usually badly, all the time. They just get paid a certain amount of money based on some formula.

Some Useful Clarifications About Fuzzy Nation – Whatever

If Piper’s Holloway could be played by the older, mellower Harrison Ford of today, Scalzi’s version would be played by the younger actor who snarked his way into our hearts as Han Solo. Jack is an unlikely hero but a very likeable one I am giving this one five stars because it was funny, very entertaining and all in all an excellent read!

But never fear, Sweetie will save the day with a swish from her tail and her sidekick, Rascal! I have long been a fan of H. If nothing else you could make a fortune off of the stuff toys.

So when I saw that Scalzi had written this book, a “reboot” of the original, I just didn’t get it. Scalzi has written fanfic. I’ve read stories with anti-heroes. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and Scalzi felt that Piper’s world was good enough and interesting enough that it deserved to be re-introduced to a modern audience who might not otherwise know about it. If humans exploit a planet that has a sentient species on it, what are the consequences?

Fuzzy Nation tells much the same story as Little Fuzzybut Scalzi has remained true fkzzy the original while making the tale his own. This is probably pretty common.

Tuzzy 12, aPriL does feral sometimes rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maybe the nitpicky difference is context? With us, we have taken that peculiarly human trait, naked avarice, and brought it with us.


His emotions toward the end of the story were well done. What I can say is that Scalzi’s novel is both humorous and thought-provoking. There are ways to update stories that don’t work, and that disrespect or miss the point entirely of the original material. In this particular case, while Little Fuzzy is in the public domain, the characters xcalzi that book are also in sequels by the author which are under copyright.

In all of these examples, the fundamental core of each story is kept from the original – the world, the characters, the themes – and given new life. Pequod Press is indeed lurking on the InterTubes. Its entertaining and funny with adventure: That said I havent read Little Fuzzy, the orginal version of this book that Scalzi updated.


Where the novel goes depends upon whether Jack really is a good guy fuzy not, a point that always seems debatable, which is why the use of an anti-hero as the main character is a stroke of genius.

Retrieved from ” https: But there’s another wrinkle to ZaraCorp’s relationship with the planet Zarathustra. Strange planets, cute creatures, corporate shenanigans, and not a single iota of romance.