Support for INPO AP Schedule Adherence. P6 Analytics provides out-of- the box support for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) Work. Support for INPO AP Schedule Adherence. INPO AP, Work Management Process Description. • INPO , Guideline for Excellence in Procedure and Work Instruction Use and Adherence. 7.

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This indicator can be greatly influenced by the selection of the scope freeze week. Limitations ijpo in approved vendor information 8. Innpo passion for and pride in completing assignments and tasks. Identify all discrepancies and incomplete work items. There will be a reduction of safety system redundancy or safe shutdown capability.

Forced Outage Readiness The percentage of forced outage work orders ready to work including work packages, materials, tagouts available, and walkdowns completed should be monitored against the total number of forced outage work orders.

INPO (AP-928) Conference

This ensures that the sequence and timing of the work is scheduled and executed to maintain acceptable risk and reliability levels. This graded approach to work package planning is based on managing maintenance risk to perform the task. Troubleshoot and perform periodic inspection.

Excellence in work management occurs when people have the following underlying core values: Revise control circuit wiring for main transformer to energize a second bank of cooling when temp reaches 90 deg.

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Level-of-Detail Determination The determination of the level-of-detail 982 for a given work package should consider the following: Stations should strive to identify the optimum scope freeze time for the station staff that balances the ability to make scope freeze meaningful and the desire to forecast predictable work activities.

Because of the broad and varied nature of the work in this grouping, some stations may choose to subcharacterize this grouping for more detailed assessment or management 9288 the work. To successfully implement any of these, individuals including leaders need to understand the process, accept their roles and responsibilities, and understand the effects onpo disruptions to the process.

INPO AP 工作管理过程描述_图文_百度文库

Assemble required test equipment. Grace period preventive maintenance is any preventive maintenance task that is to be performed beyond its original due date but prior to the late 982 for that activity. Add receptacles and lighting to the south end of the transformer yard and the turbine building. See Appendix F for Level 2 graded work packages. There is no immediate safety concern because a chain has been installed.

Evaluate the incomplete work items for any operational impact concerns. Individuals at any level? Minor Work Criteria no special controls required: Offgas innpo AOVs are leaking by seat, causing high offgas system dew point.

Complete and approve clearances. Establish cutoff dates for resolving restraints with consideration for whether or not to expedite materials. Provide necessary temporary air, power, and water requirements. Actions are taken when expectations are not met. Inadvertent, incorrect, or omitted actions that may cause plant shutdown or power reduction 6.


Minor Work Criteria detailed work instructions not needed: Considerations for Use of a Short-Cycle Process The following can indicate when a station would benefit from using the short-cycle process: Leak is adversely affecting plant operation. Based on analysis, actions to correct unacceptable deviations from performance will be addressed in the corrective action process. Other maintenance is classification of work not reflecting a material condition deficiency on station power block equipment.

Aap water system local pressure indicator is broken. Become actively involved in process implementation. Final risk assessment should be completed prior to performance of the activity.

Appendix I provides specific details on each of these attributes and objectives. Appropriate compensatory actions are identified and applied including the designation of qp equipment. These app levels of scheduling each offer their own advantage in managing daily work activities Not all stations will be ready to use all four; in fact, it may be desirable to use only one or two at the present time and phase in the third and fourth levels.