ICAO / Air Navigation. Global Plans. Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP). Air Navigation Priorities. Performance-based Navigation (PBN) · PBN Charting. The guidance material in this document for applications using aeronautical telecommunications net- work (ATN) should be used in conjunction with the ICAO . Doc – Manual of Air Traffic Services Data Link – ICAO. Views. 6 years . Doc – Global Air Traffic Management Operational Concept – ICAO.

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A pilot will not be able to legitimately fly an aircraft if these international prescripts are not adhered to. The aerospace industry provides an effective domestic, regional and international mode of transportation.

The application of meteorology is explained in terms of its influence on aviation. Europe Significant world best practises were observed and forms part of the respective standards. Flight operations are conducted in accordance with the current national jcao international legislation and regulations. Display airmanship that results in flight operations that comply voc national and international aviation standards.

Safe flying practice is maintained. Demonstrate an understanding of the Law of Armed Conflict during multi-national operations.

Certain countries also have national aviation authorities such as the JAA Joint Aviation Authoritywhich operates and regulates aviation within Europe. The learner should be thoroughly briefed on the mechanism to be used and support and guidance should be provided.

Flying the aeroplane in such a way that tolerance exceedences are kept to a minimum. Errors may occur, particularly in unusual or unexpected circumstances, but rarely interfere with meaning. Learners who have achieved this qualification will contribute to reduction of risk in the aerospace industry.


T_Documents – Doc – Manual of Air Traffic Services

In the fundamental unit standards of this qualification the term aeroplane includes reference to the term aircraft and vice versa where applicable. Where it is not possible to assess the learner in the workplace or on-the-job, simulations, case studies, role-plays and other similar techniques should be idao to provide a context appropriate to the assessment. Technical Publications relevant to this qualification and considered are: Plan dod conduct flight operations in order to achieve stated objectives in accordance with national and international aviation standards.

Perform slow flight, stalls and spin recovery in an aeroplane. Exercising command ability and manoeuvring the aeroplane within its limits in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Federal Aviation Authority in America. Fillers are not distracting.

Manual of air traffic services data link applications in SearchWorks catalog

Curfews, noise abatement procedures and other measures to minimise disturbance to the environment and the public are observed. Competent in the exit level outcomes of the National Diploma: Identifying symptoms of instrument, system and engine malfunctions.

The role of airmanship is explained in relation to risk analysis, situational awareness and prioritisation of tasks. Can make limited use of discourse markers or connectors. The occupations, jobs or areas of activity in which the qualifying learners will typically operate in are as pilots, in flight operations, aviation safety, aviation regulation and accident investigations.


A comprehensive comparison has been done with the ICAO Regulations and by implication this qualification has therefore been benchmarked with countries that are all signatories to ICAO. Significant principles also emerged, such as recognising and building on existing experience and dov rather than re-inventing them.

This was in order to meet the needs of European industry and particularly for products manufactured by international consortia ddoc. Aviation and flight related problems are identified and solved in a systematic manner.

During the assessment of the practical components of this qualification the assessor must ensure that all underlying theoretical components are assessed in an integrated manner.

Safe practice in flight operations: Being culturally and aesthetically sensitive across a range of social contexts.

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Apply knowledge of the physical environment within the aviation context. Performing appropriate checks and procedures. During integrated assessments, the assessor should make use of a range of formative and summative assessment tools methods and assess combinations of practical, applied, foundational and reflexive competencies.

The uniform application by Contracting States of the specifications contained in the International Standards is recognized as necessary for the safety or regularity of international air navigation while dic uniform application of the specifications in the Icwo Practices is regarded as desirable in the interest of safety, regularity or efficiency of international air navigation.