A sizzling debut novel starring a sexy TV chef who steams up more than just entrees She wasn’t his kind of dish-until someone turned up the heat. The other day I was in the mood for a Contemporary Romance that was a little bit more on the sexy side. Think something like Toni Blake’s. A sizzling debut novel starring a sexy TV chef who steams up more than just entrees She wasn’t his kind of dish-until someone turned up the heat Celebrity .

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So, when Bryce met Jenna in high-school, they became friends renwwick Bryce ended up spending all his free time at the McCabe farm where there was love, stability, and acceptance.

Bryce, the hero was to die for sexy, knew his way around the kitchen and more importantly the bedroom too.

This is a case of an erotic story where the sex is boring, characters are cardboard-ish and I have no idea what they’re actually suppose to be like, and adding all that unexplained pieces of drama just makes this too much for me.

We quickly meet Tyson, and I can’t form an opinion about him, but renwifk will be around later.

I am so curious about what will happen with them. He hires Jenna to repair the damage.

Thanks so much for letting me know! Not for the faint of rewnick I have a small kid now and now just how sticky and gross can sweets on the bedsheets can be.

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Guest Review: Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick – Book Binge

Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 renwicm 5 of 5 stars. He doesn’t need to take credit or have accolades. See 1 question about Hot in Here…. But having the email read by Jenna turns the words into a whole new context. And there sex scenes.


But Jenna’s plans are soon tossed out the window after Bryce shows up unannounced at her apartment carrying a steaming hkt platter of something that smells positively sinful. Both them start to realize what the other means to them and with unsolicited help of some mischievous matchmaking from Bryces brother and Jennas sister for Bryce and some “ma This was a great friends to lovers read for those of us who like our sweet romance with a bit more heat and wow did things get hot: There is nothing too kinky but enough variety of poses and places and imagination to keep it interesting.

I like the theme of friends becoming lovers and learning to know each other in a different way, and look at each other in a different light.

He has had one woman almost ruin him for any others. Tracy Wolff author of Ruined. But instead of allowing herself to fall deeper in love with him, Jenna decides she wants to play the game. In the end, if you can turn off the rational part of your mind, this is a hot sexy little book.

She has gotten the art of anticipation down on her first book and has nicely laid the ground work for a series that looks to set our hearts on fire. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards.

Bryce has finally taken notice of her.

#Rollbackweek Review: Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick

This is what Jenna has always desired, a night with beautiful Bryce, but what will she do now? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Bryce’s nonstop phone calls and unexpected visit at her office with breakfast is making things even worse.


Hot in Here has all the right elements to make this romance steamy hot and sexy to read! She’s in love so deep, she doesn’t know if she can keep her head above water. They move to bed. Pages and pages of it.

Everyone seems to be warning her off the idea, but she completely ignores it and continues on, aggravating Bryce- not to mention herself- with her hot and cold act. Well that and Bryce’s cookie dough pancakes! Mine as well, considering we knew how she felt about Bryce from the very first chapter of the book.

Everywhere I looked, everything, it just brought me back to you. Even if it means she has to play a few games to win the prize.

Guest Review: Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick

With true heroics, Bryce tracks Jenna down with the drive of a hungry lion stalking its prey. No library descriptions found. Those hesitant feelings with regards to Bryce’s words of love are proving not only to be her savior, but reaffirming her earlier denied knowledge that Bryce simply can’t commit. However, that soon changes and I actually found myself liking Bryce way more than Jenna as the book went on. Give Bryce a little dose of what he’s been dishing out all these years: View all 11 comments.