While other models may be uncapped Theoryshare supports only the Motorola Surfboard SB – SB Models excluding VOIP models and the SB Cable Modem Hacking Guide With Pictures Version VII Written By SB – SB Models excluding VOIP models and the SB Ok Guys and Gals I decided to put all the tutorials together kind of like a Haynes Manual to modem hacking. Everything that’s covered within is available.

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Many video channels, each carried at a specific frequency, are superimposed by the cable provider onto a single carrier medium — a standard coaxial cable. Change Your Config File Step 4: For this reason, I always advise that you use a spare modem when hacking, Opening the Case The first step I take nack hacking a hzck modem is to open its case and exam- ine the printed circuit board PCBIn this chapter.

Once you hit ok, erase the chip the erase button is underneath the minimize button in the picture above. Connect the Cable Step 7: Thus, the factors that determine the maxi- mum QAM level are the frequency bandwidth and line noise. Coaxial cable RG-6 type comprises one physical copper line see Fig- hafk that carries the signal.

A No, you won’t. There is always progress to be made or work that is never finished. This technology works by breaking the coax bus into segments and converting the electrical signals on the segments into light pulses that are then transported between the segments along fiber optic cables using a device called a node.

This modem can be vulnerable to the console port haack, which can allow you to change the firmware or change the default MAC address. Run commands with caution! Shortly thereafter, the embedded visit counter on my website broke.

As with most trans- port protocols which will be discussed latera checksum embedded into the header of the packet is used to test the authenticity of the packet.

The cap is by far the most controversial limitation defined in the DOCSIS standard because it provides the ability to control what end users want most; their speed. The bulky black case is far from elegant, and the odd yack of the device makes it difficult to fit in small spaces. My access to specific kinds of music, movies, computer games, or software is limited only by my sb1300.

Hacks:geek: How to Hack Your Cable Modem to Increase Download and Upload Speed

You can change the MAC address again using Blackcat or by repeating the steps from Net booting a shelled firmware. This allows the modem and CMTS to pi opcrly synchronize packet timings, send and receive error messages, adjust frequency ranging, communicate during the provisioning process, and perform other basic functions.


Unfortunately, the cost of manufacturing boards was so high that we needed to raise some money. Another example is SB Although one might think that this is usually done because some controls on our online activities are necessary, often the real reason we are limited is so that someone else can make more money. With its default factory firmware installed, a user can use the vulnerability discussed in Chapter 1 6 to trick this cable modem into accepting a configuration file from the user.

At the time almost no customer knew about these service limitations. Last but not least, special thanks go to Bill Pollock, founder of No Starch Press, who believed in me enough to make this book a reality. There are two ways in which the cap is initialized and enforced in a cable modem. I ike the built-in surge protection, which could well save your modem in the event of a lightning storm. HFC nodes are usually placed strategically in neighborhoods where they can connect to the most users with the shortest overall average distance.

Since a single coax cable can contain multiple digital services, it is up to the headend CMTS to determine if the new device the modem performing the frequency scan is supposed to access that particular frequency.

This allows vendors to release newer firmware tliat supports additional services that a cable operator may want to implement in the future. Although I had feared this change for months, I was actually excited to get it home and test it.

SIGMA gave its users a whole new level of control over their modems, allowing them to configure their modems as they saw fit. Communicating with your modem Next comes the setting up of your computer to talk to the modem, this can be done in two ways either using HyperTerminal or Teraterm download available from the shack under cable modem download sectionfor the purpose of this tutorial I am using hyper terminal.

Hack modem + isp and get high speed

Ambit Firmware Downgrading via Ethernet Once this has been completed, the program changes from executing instructions from the flash to execut- ing instructions in RAM, beginning at the address 0x The TFTP server is. You just need to make a small adapter to plug into the Webstar. To do this, follow the instructions below: Gathering Information Chapter 1 5: WindRiver offers its own IDE called Tornado, a suite of programs and tools for developers to use in order to quickly create new firmware.


It operoted on its own proprietary frequencies and had absolutely no additional hackk.

Full text of “Hacking The Cable Modem ()”

These individual nodes are then connected to one central hub node at the headend labeled fiber transceiver in Figure using fiber optic cable that is not limited by the distance problems of coax.

A Foster Iniernet 31 For example, in one case a modem would freeze if the user attempted to send data out on numerous TCP ports, requiring a reboot. This book will show you how cable modems work and discuss the different types of cable modems available. This allows you to connect a computer or laptop direcdy to the modem with a USB cable instead of an Ethernet cable.


So for example you connect your subscribed modem to your PC through your NIC then you connect a cloned modem to the same pc hakc the same NIC then sbb3100 cable co. This config is used to configure settings on the device, such as downstream and upstream flow settings, and to enable many other optional settings as well.

After all, fast access to the Internet was everything to me, and I would go to any length to acquire my desired and much-needed Internet speed. Since cable service providers purchase bandwidth in huge blocks from backbone providers, this practice has no compelling tech- nical justification and is primarily used as a marketing scheme to cam the company more money. However, the likelihood that your service provider still supports this modem and has not patched the upload hack is slim to none.

It will make your cable modem stealthy against intrusions, from the HFC side. Hac Overflows One of the most useful techniques a hacker can master is the art of buffer overflows. Standard Features All DOCSIS external cable modems come with a standard RJ45 Ethernet jack and sb31100 coaxial connector, as well as other features that may or may not be listed on the retail box or in the documentation.

The developers knew about these problems and wrote about them in the firmware release notes. Even the Sigma bootloader that allows flashing is buggy, if you try to use this Sigma flash menu you will brick the modem. By sb31000 an easy-to-edit, script-based system, we at last were able to achieve truly one-step uncapping.