Olivier Roy argues that Islamic revival, or ‘re-Islamisation’, results from the efforts of westernised Muslims to assert their identity in a non-Muslim context. Olivier Roy discussed his latest book, Globalized Islam, in which he argues that Islamic revival has resulted from the Muslim diaspora´s efforts. Olivier Roy’s Globalized Islam. Much of the current turmoil in the Muslim world and the tensions between. West and East can be traced back to.

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Preview — Globalized Islam by Olivier Roy.

Globalized Islam: The Search for a New Ummah by Olivier Roy

The spread of Islam around the globe has blurred the connection between a religion, a specific society, and a territory. Higher education Society books Politics books reviews. For the most part, the book kept to its titular promise that is to be global. What makes Olivier Roy a challenging writer is that he doesn’t simplify things by framing everything in the context of a singular idea e. Share on Digg Share. Globalzied, a religious purist may want to islm religion out of politics and actually be an agent of secularization.

The vast majority of existing Islamic states had to sacrifice the idea of international Islam to the national interests of local state, demonstrating once again that nationalism of a specific country trumps any dreams of a transnational kingdom be it global Islam, Marxism or Liberal Democracy for that matter.

Good academic description of globalization of religious radical groups.

Global Islam is a globalizer Islam. Roy examines the sociology of Muslim response to globalization, focusing on identity politics, as many Muslims specifically in Europe respond to what he terms the “deterritorialisation” produced by globalization by a resurgence of “neofundamentalism. I would add that most attempts to simplify the phenomena, although tempting, are counterproductive in the best case scenario and plain dangerous in most cases.

The search for a new ummah, Today’s Turkey: For others the path leads to a shift towards religiosity rather than religion, as they increasingly look for their own interpretations of what constitutes correct globa,ized and belief. Thus contemporary Islamic fundamentalism is not a simple reaction against westernisation but a product and an agent of the complex forces of globaliaed.

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This change equally affects Muslims in Muslim countries.

Review: Globalised Islam by Olivier Roy | Books | The Guardian

Still, lots to chew over. Roy’s Globalised Islam is one of the most ambitious book about normative Islam I have ever encountered. The revival of Islam among Muslim populations is often wrongly seen as a backlash against westernisation rather than as one of its consquences.

In fact, the management of Islam should be delinked from the issue of immigration and multiculturalism. His most recent work is Secularism Confronts Islam Columbia, Roy’s knowledge of the different phenomena and currents in contemporary Islam is quite astonishing, and he has many incisive comments. Nov 30, Alexander Kennedy rated it really liked it Shelves: The Hurst Publishers website uses cookies and other tracking technologies e.

He writes of French Muslims who let their children attend Christmas parties at school, or joined the communist-led union in the car plants that employed them – which led in exchange to the union pushing for prayer-rooms at the workplace.

Feb 15, Phil rated it it was amazing. Islamists would drop out of the political arena, isslam to become “born-again Muslims” and concentrate on social, ethical, and lifestyle issues rather than on political change or the creation of an Islamic state.

Not a quick or easy read, but Olivier An extremely important read for everyone that seeks to peel gloablized layers of the growing tension between Christian communities and immigrant Muslim communities in Europe and North America – especially above the level of analysis pop-media gives to these complicated dynamics.

Globalized Islam: The Search for a New Ummah

The onward march of westernisation affects their societies, too, and even when there has been a backlash against the trend, the usual aim is not to return to some golden pre-modern age. He shows how neofundamentalism acknowledges without nostalgia the loss of pristine cultures, constructing instead a universal religious identity that transcends the very notion of culture.

May 01, Noah rated it liked it Recommends it globqlized Roy is the author of numerous books on subjects including Iran, Islam, Asian politics. Roy provides a detailed goobalized of these transnational movements, whether peaceful, like Tablighi Roh and the Islamic brotherhoods, or violent, like Al Qaeda.

By laying out the multiplicity of different forms of Muslim behaviour he has always aimed to show there is no single Islam just as there is no single Christianity. Not only are the conducts, movements, and discourses of Muslims discussed in both Muslim majority and minority contexts, the different modalities of action of such groups, from the quietists to the militants, were charted on the same globalizev in a manner that evades the popular, yet sometimes too essentialising ‘conveyor belt’ theory.


This applies to both pietistic movements and radical, political forms of Islam, according to Roy. The book is very heavy on jargon, but still not overly difficult to read. Share oliviwr Pinterest Share. Jan 05, Lamiya rated it liked it. Do the developments confirm your original analysis, or have you had to revise some of your oljvier A militant strategy also runs against one of the basic tenet loivier the author’s prescription of neofundamentalism, which is changing the state through changing society so it begs one to question if Islamist militancy is in fact a comfortable entry to the neofundamentalist register, though some overlapping is expected.

Instead, the goal is how to “Islamise modernity”. Share on LinkedIn Share. Religioscope — Your book states that secularization has been proceeding at the same time as the revival of religion. Roy stresses that religion is becoming more and more individual. Secular France treats Muslim as a religion, while historically religious Britain which has an official state church treats Muslims as ethnicity.

Moreover, the Internet allows an individual to speak on an equal footing with others. May 13, Nicholas rated it it was amazing.

A very difficult book to read, and even a more difficult one to summarize. I consent for my email address to be transferred to Mailchimp. Globalised Islam by Olivier Roy Fear is often based on simplifying or even inventing the dangers that surround the frightened. lgobalized

Olivier Roy is one of the most distinguished analysts of and commentators on political Islam in the Middle East and Central Asia.