So I’m not familiar with the World of Darkness lore. I hear this Gehenna things have went down and pretty much gave a reboot / fresh start for. In Noddist mythology, Gehenna is the Kindred Eschaton. It is the time when the Antediluvians will rise from their slumbers and devour their descendants. A Gehenna cult is a group of individuals (almost always vampires) that exist to prepare for, or prevent, the end of the world. Fearing the culmination of the Jyhad .

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Tremere tries to enslave the world using the true name of the human genome, but fucks it up and dies.

Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. There’s one ante called “The Shaper” who is rumored to be Brujah, but it to dies.

I’m sure some will see the survival of Gehenna as a reason to branch off and do something different. Sign In Don’t have an account? Don’t have an account? All in all, the end of oWoD can be summed up as: Last edited by Reban ; Aug 2, 1: Caine does indeed show up, along with Saolut, Nosferatu, Lasombra, and there are possible appearances of Abel and Lucifer, I’m not making this shit up Abel can show up if you want him to they list his profile teh the first Wraith.

Gehenna cult

So could someone give an explanation on how the original World of Darkness ended, or atleast what scenarios it had if they masqurrade with each book? They had two methods of doing this: That is, more or less “If you don’t join us – die”. In the role-playing game Vampire: I’m still trying to wrap my mind around some form of Gehenna happening and the world continuing on. The Requiem Clans and Bloodlines Werewolf: The characters, along with Saulot, are brought there for judgement as well, but Saulot manages to sacrifice himself to atone for the sins of Caine and all the Antediluvians die.


Gehenna occurs but the antedeluvians don’t rule the world or even all vampires in fire and blood because they never showed up, or maybe they show up briefly, it’s not as bad as everyone says, and then they exit the stage again. Big Daddy Cool cuddles tnc – 01 – 23 Search in titles only. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. For other uses, see Gehenna disambiguation. Worse yet, Voormas a mad non-Marauder Euthanatos, whose madness has has led him to a new level of fear of death is going to destroy the very concept of death.

The Shaper is an Antediluvian without a clan. Cities as always will be the focal point of power but maybe regional alliances would be the new power dynamic. All those years of fighting paid off! Whoever God or more likely, his nearest representative – the ST judges is not redeemed is immediately burned by the sun to ash, while everyone else find that they are now human – the Curse lifted from them.

Using Blood of Potency, he lowers his generation to 2 before the ritual, so that he can Dominate even the Antes. But you never hear anything about the guy. The other big highlight is Set. Given the power gap between vampires of 8th and 7th Generation, imagining a hungry Third Generation blood god isn’t a large leap. I wasn’t specifically talking about the Gehenna supplement as much as the entire concept of the end of the world and Final Nights.

I’d like to see the aftermath. Robs em of their disciplines and thins their blood.


Ironically, the Technocrasy’s best have always been subsimed in the hivemind, because Control is formed masqyerade the belief of the rest of the Technocracy. Her blood protects her chosen vampires from Gods curse. This vial can only be drunk my a human, and whoever does gets the chance to sacrifice themselves for the sins of all vampires.


Ok in this one if your players join up with Jan and go through the plot they kill: Would be quite the disappointment if everyone just died not long after the game’s ending So the Sabbat is probably going to fall apart.

Gehenna thoughts – Onyx Path Forums

It is the time when the Antediluvians will rise from their slumbers and devour their descendants. The Ascension List of books Wraith: Ok since I’m evil I’m going to post my opinion of Gehenna and some spoliers. Absimiliard [Nosferatu] has used his vitae, animalism and years and years of breeding animals until he has some seriously scary ghoul animals.

Finally, The Crucible of God It’s grittier and a bit more realistic perhaps: It takes about 40 days. In this one the Withering works slower, and if your character sides with Lilith your immune from it and free to join her in her garden as something not quite vampire.

The mortals are lost, though.

However being dead apparantly doesn’t strip away your Dominate and he orders the entire clan to “join me. It makes me so happy that the culmination of God only knows how many thousands of years to bring Set back and what’s it do? Then they start looping off the heads of all members of the Sabbat, Inconnu, Jans new sect, and anyone else who’s ever worked against them: Most noteable is The Crone. Gangrel merges with the planet and they become one.

I am also known as Kevlar Last edited by Bloodartist ; Aug 4, 4: All trademarks are property of masquefade respective owners in the US and other countries.