Does anyone know if the Frankenjura guide is split north/south or east/west? Even better, can you point me to an online map which shows the. Felsen ‘Freudenmauer’ in der Fränkischen Schweiz Bei erfährst Quergang Fb 5b Beschreibung vorhanden. Topo. Druckausgabe Drucken. Die Infoseite zum Klettern im Frankenjura, dem besten Sportklettergebiet in Deutschland. Hier gibt es alle Infos zum Klettern in Franken, der Fränkischen.

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Join your friends and fellow climbers in open fun challenges. Kletterhalle Hersbruck – Kletterhalle Hersbruck. Seasonal closures for protected birds. Bouldergyms are scattered in the whole region.

In the lower layers laminated lime structures prevail, while the upper layers consist of a magnesium-enriched derivative of frankenujra stone which is famous as dolomite. Neues aus dem Forum Re: Wenn du eingeloggt bist, sind Routen, die in deiner Hitliste stehen mit blau und Routen aus deiner Wunschliste mit lila markiert. Full climbing guide on rebranded site.

Fels trocknet schnell Neigung: Finger pockets, powerful and dynamic climbs, shady and short overhangs are typical characteristics of the walls here. Approach The crags are scattered all over the area, so having a car is frwnkenjura.


Unfortunately, not all classic routes are always perfectly bolted and often, it is the easier frankejnura that are sparsely bolted. TheGeneralist – on 14 Aug Photos Browse all photos Upload a photo of area.

Make your sport sustainable.

Frankenjura topo outline A

Most routes are either vertical or overhanging, finger pockets are frakenjura common. Summer — In the early parts early June through mid July and then again near the beginning of Fall September you can have great conditions in the shade and under tree canopies.

Routen Die Routennamen sind anklickbar und bringen dich zur Routenausgabe. Top editors by karma.

Die Routennamen sind anklickbar und bringen dich zur Routenausgabe. An der Abzweigung intelligent! In reply to winhill: The legendary Oma Eichler campground in the Trubachtal is a meeting franienjura for climbers since many years. The legendary Oma Eichler campground in the Trubachtal is a meeting point for climbers since many years. Frankendorf and Leinleiter sections.

Frankenjura : Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering : SummitPost

Perhaps the routes are less dense, sometimes with just one or two, or they could be further to walk. Efeuwand in early spring. Steinerne Stadt – City of Stone.


Just to the left side, the rest of this crag is illustrated on a separate TOPO. One finds a large variety of climbs, regarding the rock condition and the route character. Actually, we want all climbing areas in the world to stay on for a long while. Von Hormersdorf an der A9 in Richtung Rupprechtstegen. Central Wiesent valley and side valleys.

I suppose I could get the Thum one, but I’ve already got two earlier editions of his and find the endless detail about who did the FAs really tiresome when it could be used for something useful like descriptions of the climbing.

Camping is another popular option.