Norwalk, CA (December 2, )–Fostex America has debuted the newest addition to its professional product line, the DV The DV I’ve been seeing a few people using the Fostex DV unit on their carts. I’ve also seen that Fostex makes a D which has a DVDram drive. Buy DIGITAL RECORDER Fostex DV (DVD REC). Free delivery and returns on eligible orders.

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Software alone cannot accomplish this.

Show More Show Less. But substantial it is, in size, weight, power requirements and price. You can get more info on this on the Metacorder user group on Google. They’re both AC powered, and have timecode, and appear to be roughly foatex same size.

Fostex DV Digital Multi Track Recorder | eBay

The current LTC start time is shown initially, “1h 00m 00s” is shown. File Copy Function the Optional Fostrx Required During disk copy, the display shows estimated time and space remaining progress indication for disk copy. Taking a leaf out of desktop computer design and to broaden the appeal of the machine across multiple applications and environments, the DV employs a unique modular card-frame approach. Immediately after the DV ends recording to the partition and stops, the copy starts.

In the case the Sub net mask is not used, you do not have to set this value.

Fostex DV – Muziker EE

The DV remakes the ALE file, and the display returns to show the screen on which rv824 can select an editing item. Select a saving file and click on “Select” indicated by an arrow 6. That’s unfortunate, but it all makes sense. Recording in Pre rec mode The DV features the “Pre recording” function in this manual, we say “Pre rec mode” for the DV status when the “Pre recording” function is active.


It therefore seemed only natural to use the technology for a brand new breed of multitrack recorder. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. For any sort of project costex you have to turn in telecineable dailies these won’t work. On-Cart Location The DV fits right into the location recording and outside broadcast acquisition environments.

You can now see the DV drive and the partitions of the optional hard disk drive if it is installed in the right window, as below.

Fostex DV824

Page – Restoring a rv824 audio file [Restore So, using something, like a Denecke d-code box or an Ambient lockit or Horita whatever, that unit would be what you could jam a slate from. By connecting a USB keyboard to this connector, you can enter file and label names, as well as carry out some of menu operations, from the keyboard.

See “Default file name setting” on page for details. Page You need to set it to “On” when you select ” BoomRecorder can “make its own timecode” but as pointed out by several others this is not the way you want to go.

The restored file has the same file number as when it was deleted. Therefore, do not block the vent of the cooling fan. You can also get product information from our web site.

If you are going to jam the external time code into the generator while the frame rate of external time code does not match the DV frame rate, “Illegal Frame! This is a delicate mini-phone jack, prone to getting bumped, but I was able to get a right-angled plug that was a little more rugged.


The new name is confirmed and the display returns to the screen on which you can select an editing item.

Fostex was founded by Foster Electric who have been developing high quality speaker components since Good for copying audio from DAT source. The LTC start time is recorded to the currently load file. Supremely Versatile Ready for TV show recording, live stage recording, small event playback, large scale live theatre SE playback, on-cart location sound recording, telecine playback and more, the new Fostex DV is probably the most versatile multitrack ever designed.

The dv284 repeats playback until you stop. If the ventilation is disturbed, the DV may overheat.

Phillip, that bit about the file format was key. Using the list play function, you can link multiple audio files which have the same number of tracks and FS, and play them back continuously. Using the “Sync clock” menu item, you can select the system clock reference.

Creating and Editing Ale Files It was a great machine. Either an Ambient fowtex a Denecke crystal-controlled TC generator is the only way to go. The only thing that sounds better is the Systems TCR8!