HWS® (HOLOGRAPHIC WEAPON SIGHT). See inside cover for distribution statement. NSN: (model ). EOTech Technical Manual ver. F. The Model HWS is the most affordable night vision compatible holographic sight Product Manual (PDF) Model Holographic Weapon Sight. EOTech manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration.

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Hell just watch Larry Vickers review of the Daniel Defense torture test and youll see how much abuse that T1 can take. Additionally there are custom targets for 25m zeroing used with the M-4 and M16 see Figure 6and for Laser Bore Sighting see Figure 7. A conviction, or an administrative finding against the Company that satisfies the requisite level of seriousness, could result in debarment from contracting with the federal government for a specified term.

EOTech 553 User Manual

If the batteries are low, a high recoil weapon platform can cause the reticle to flash on and off, even before the low battery indicator takes effect. A set of batteries comes with your sight. If you do switch, go to the Meprolight Tru-dot RDS, very eotech like, with aimpoint like battery life, but much cheaper. Written requests must be referred to: So did a instructor in a carbine class I took. But 4 MOA at 25 ft is not more than an inch or so.

So say we all. Ive never owned one, but have considered it. This is the low battery indicator. But yeah, I am sure most of that comes from the sale of EOTechs….


5522 Specifications subject to change without notice. The aiming dot will displace a one inch area on the target at yards, two inches at yards, three inches at etc.

EOTech – Wikipedia

Protective Hood – Preassembled, protective hood increases durability of sight housing and protects the sight from impact damage. And then theres the T-1 and H Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7. Replace the battery with Energizer brand batteries.

We hope that they do soon and offer nanual solution to rectify these issues. And some are just not right from the get go. Great Manhal thanks for putting this out SSD! Or a safe rider only broken out for a few hundred rounds? Old logo model in generic white box. Then out at range you have a very accurate 1moa center dot. If the sight is turned on by pressing the UP button, it will automatically shut itself OFF 8 hours after the last pushbutton control is used.

Keep an extra set in my shirt pocket, and swap them in when the active set start to fade. Works well with gas masks or peripherals Figure It got weird once about 2 years ago. Quick-release STS dovetail mount locks the G33 to the side. November 10, at Personally, I go by what I know or what I have experienced.

I will buy their products out of preference. The exportation of night vision devices is strictly regulated by the U. Your answer is simply my question worded differently. I have friends that use the ACOG, more power to them. I doubt most buyers would ever see it but I have a critical eye. The manufacturer acknowledged the problem and offered no fix for it. Inspect batteries for rips, tears, dents, or cuts in the housing.


The first night vision equipment devices were developed for military application during World War II to aid missions in very low-light and night-time conditions.

The sight will automatically perform a battery check every time it is turned on. I love their field of view, and their reticle. We are an authorized dealer. The battery life and reliability is beyond compare.

How to Zero an EOTech

All this could have been prevented with a simple battery tester. Perfect for anyone that doesn’t like to sacrifice. Unless of course, it could be deleted. Mid profile positioned mount for MP5, 33, 53, 91, 93, 94, and G3.

Non reflective black with hard coat finish Adjustment per click: Nice looking, simple to use, bigger objective is cool. The only laser light accessible to the eye is the image beam and is at a power level within the limit of a Class IIa laser product.

STS magnifier provides a 3x power eoteh increase the usable range of the sight and features the Switch-to-Side functionality which allows the user to move the magnifier to the side for close to mid-range use and quickly move it into place in front of the sight to engage and long-range.

No longer in production but in excellent condition. Model Weapon Sight.