Eat Yourself Slim has 86 ratings and 7 reviews. Maria said: 5 stars for his method, but 3 stars for this book. I prefer the original version of his book. I’m currently reading the book by Michel Montignac called Eat Yourself Slim. It was reffered to me by a friend of my sister’s. Apparently, he’s a. Eat Yourself Slim: Modifying our eating habits often means first Eat Yourself Slim takes this principle to a new level. Slim. Michel Montignac.

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All we have to do is follow a nutritionally balanced diet that excludes saturated fats and carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

Try again or cancel this request. We use cookies to give you slimm best possible experience. Tvandyk rated it it was amazing Feb 06, In this meal you can only consume carbohydrates that have a glycemic index of 35 or lower.

He also makes suggestions for eating out, montigac to compensate for when you cannot follow the method strictly etc. This text is full of polysyllabic, very official-sounding language. I would recommend the method and therefore you need to read the book regardless of its rating.

Fats are chosen on the cardio criteria knowing that some fats lower risks and even help weight loss. Michel Montignac was the first health expert to recommend the use of the glycemic index for weight management. Breakfast Lemon juice prunes Montignac integral bread Montignac jam Green tea.

Katja rated it it was amazing Oct 22, So I can pick and choose, to a certain degree, what I think makes sense and what does not. This will subscribe you to all of our newsletters, announcements, and promotional content. Some food it talks about are not typically found in the U. Andreea rated it liked it Jan 27, Kontignac article is not an endorsement, but a review.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. However, aside from a temporary motignac loss, people subsequently suffered from cardiovascular problems by eating too much fat. That doesn’t take away from the book – it’s amusing and makes you feel like the author himself is talking. Oct 01, Maria rated it liked it. Stabilization and Prevention Phase You will continue to choose carbohydrates based on their glycemic index.

Montignac Diet Method

It will be interesting to see what American health professionals make of this blueprint for healthy eating. Montignac designed the principles of an original method for losing weight and became the first person to have had the idea of using the Youurself Index Concept practically unknown at the time to lose weight. When you eat or drink and what you eat with sliim is at least as important as what you are consuming.

Trinka rated it liked it Jul 28, I have read Montignac’s book and I have his cookbook. However the method works and I believe kichel one of the few sustainable approaches to losing and maintaining weight. Otherwise, it’s an odd book. Montignac Diet Method Michel Montignac was the first health expert to recommend the use of the glycemic index for weight management. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Carb-protein meals largely yoursel of carbohydrates with a glycemic index between 35 to It’s not about counting calories, carbs or fat.

Choosing your foods wisely prevents your body from accumulating fat and activates burning of your stored fats for energy.

Based on the GI Diet, Michel reveals the secrets of good nutrition yb you can lose weight and live healthily forever. You should wait at least two hours after a carbohydrate meal before consuming a meal containing fat. Some of the foods recommended with Montignac. Dg Vy rated it really liked it Jun 07, For example, I love the tip on eating fruits 15 minutes before meals or on their own for better digestion.


This approach will assist with the regulation of blood sugar and insulin levels, which generally results in weight loss. Sylvie Amos rated it really liked it Mar 22, It especially emphasizes very low GI carbs, which has the effect of reducing high blood sugar and insulin levels.

Montignac Method: Eat Yourself Slim

Seekordsiis rated it liked it Aug 15, All times are GMT About Michel Montignac After a career in the pharmaceutical industry Michel Montignac decided to start researching nutrition with the aim of overcoming his own weight problems. Accordingly, the key nutritional principles in this book appear very similar to diabetic maintenance guidelines.

Ultimately this results in weight loss and beneficial health outcomes.

It was translated from French to English by someone who was not completely proficient in English so there are all sorts of odd expressions and idioms. The time now montignax There is a passing reference saying that being vegetarian for ethical reasons is ok as long as you eat dairy and eggs to get your missing nutrients. Official web site of the Montignac Method.

This is necessary to give enough time for your metabolism to be restored.