If any person suffers loss or damage which is proved to have been caused by any negligent act or omission of Det Norske Veritas, then Det Norske Veritas shall. Document replaced. This document has been replaced by an offshore standard ( OS) in the DNV GL portfolio: DNVGL-OS-D All DNV GL service. Offshore Standard DNV-OS-D, October Page 4 – Changes. Amended October see note on front cover. DET NORSKE VERITAS.

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In order to fulfil the requirement regarding well barriers, the NORSOK D standard Chapters 4, 5, 9 and 15 should be used in the area of health, working environment and safety. In those cases where the Machinery Regulations do not apply, relevant parts of the Facilities Regulations will apply.

For requirements related to collecting and making data available, see Section 19 of the Management Regulations. Equipment as mentioned in the second subsection, includes medication and first aid equipment, stretchers and medical rescue equipment. The requirements related to indoor climate as mentioned in dnnv second subsection, apply to living quarters and indoor work areas, including chambers for manned underwater operations.

In order to fulfil the requirement regarding materials and material protection as mentioned in literas a, b and c, the following standards should be used in the area of health, working environment and safety: For general requirements related to barriers, see the Section 5 of the Management Regulations and Section 8 of these regulations. As regards water breakthrough in floating facilities, see Ndv 39 and Guidelines relating to work at computer monitors Ordering No.

Regulations of 20 December No. This entails that an assessment has to be made of existing facilities to determine whether the facility fulfils the requirements of the regulations.

The boat systems can be located on the facility, on the standby vessel or with one system on each of these.



The Norwegian Institute dnb Public Health The Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s guideline material for drinking water units, The Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s guideline materials for design and operation of drinking water ps, Recommended standards for indoor climate, November Data on natural conditions environmental data as mentioned in the second subsection, means data on oceanography, seismology and meteorology, including data that is of significance for the flight weather service.

Risks as mentioned in the second subsection, may include accumulation of flammable gases, risk of increased explosion pressure and potential reduced access for firefighting. If two independent chains of notification through permanent communication connections cannot be realised, one of the permanent communication connections should be replaced by communication through the maritime mobile service.

It follows from Section 26 of the Dnb Regulations that the operator shall provide an overview of previously granted exemptions for mobile facilities in applications for consent.

Facilities – Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

As regards systematic mapping of potential ignition sources, the standard EN should be used. The lighting should be particularly good and correct d310 the control room, cabins and other rooms where sight-intensive work takes place, where display ndv equipment is used regularly and where the work requires good visibility during various weather conditions.

Where flammable materials are used, they should limit the spread of fire and produce little smoke, heat and toxic substances. The requirement as mentioned in the second subsection means that it should be assessed whether to insert casings for drilling in zones which may contain hydrocarbons.

VHF stations in lifeboats or MOB boats should be designed and located so that they can be used at the same time as the boats are manoeuvred with the engine at maximum revolutions. C301 the holder of an Acknowledgement of Compliance chooses to apply maritime regulations, cf.

Re Section 50 Compensator and disconnection systems Section 4 and 17 of the Management Regulations. Re Section 14 Ventilation and indoor climate. For design of snv and equipment for manned underwater operations on vessels, see Section 1.


DNV GL Danmark

The Norwegian Coastal Administration. When choosing materials and surfaces, emphasis should be placed on comprehensive solutions adapted to the intended use and cleaning and maintenance requirements. This could, for example, be instances where dvn costs of making changes substantially exceed the environmental gain.

For design of emergency lighting as mentioned in the last subsection, the EN standard should be used.

Offshore class rule updates October – DNV GL

Section 10 of the Framework Regulationsthe party responsible shall prepare and retain material and information necessary to ensure and document that the activities are planned and conducted in a prudent manner, and this may be required to be submitted dhv the authorities. Pursuant to Section 23 of the Framework Regulationscf. Examples of methods for the determination of safety integrity levels.

General principles for human interactions with displays and control actuators, edition 1,NS-EN The risk represented by other potential fires should be reduced to the greatest extent possible. Re Section 4 Choice of development concept 6.

Realistic conditions as mentioned in the third subsection, means that variable parameters, such as weather, wind and current conditions and changes in the physical and chemical properties of the pollution over time should be selected so they are representative of the conditions that the material will operate under.

Basic concepts and methodology, edition 1. Re Section 44 Means of evacuation. Re Section 82 Entry into force. Snubbing units as mentioned in the last subsection, means mobile units that are installed so that forces are transferred directly to the wellhead. See also Section Loading hoses for loading and unloading from supply vessels should be equipped with floats. Injection points should have check valves as close to the injection point as possible.