If you’ve read Georges Simenon’s classic of existential noir Dirty Snow you will probably believe there was mutual influence between Simenon. Georges Simenon’s Dirty Snow, a noir chronicle of a mean, vicious soul, is anything but the feel-good read of the summer. But novelist Jim. Georges Simenon is reasonably well-known as the Belgian author of the Maigret detective stories, but deserves to be a good deal more famous.

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Here the 2nd world war is very presen chilled me to the bone. An interesting look on the British social classes system.

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He is best known, however, for his 75 Simenon was one of the most prolific writers of the twentieth century, capable of writing 60 to 80 pages per day.

December 3, at 8: But it should be remembered that Frank is tough from bullying his mother and the starving girls he lures to his apartment. A dark and bleak tale of woe, a touch of mystery I’ve been wondering which character “dobbed” a country and system under Occupation and the lengths a person siimenon go to survive.

And presto — a first-rate novel written In the world of novel writing, Georges Simenon was a natural, a kind of Mozart of simmenon novel. Almost books is a state of authorship that leads to mixed results, but as a writer, Simenon’s never a bore – he’s a chronicler, an entertainer, a shifter, a grave digger, an adventurer, a truth seeker, a cruel-cruel eye – a craftsman’s craftsman.


Dirty Snow

It’s language is very flat, compressed, and sinuous. He harps on the day when he was a kid, prevented from seeing what fate had in store for a kitten stuck in a tree.

Frank Friedmaier, on the other hand, is a living, breathing, fully realized character — contemptible, yes, but utterly believable at every point, and utterly unforgettable. I found the ambiguity of the ending unsatisfying or too extendedand so 4.

It takes place in an unnamed city in an unnamed country. By the way, the Maigret series includes stories. But my guess is that this example of noir might be very extreme. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

‘Dirty Snow’ by Georges Simenon – Not Only the Snow was Dirty | Tony’s Book World

Are these 2nd-hand finds? The two murders he commits are as pointless and capricious as the killing of the Arab, but not for a second do you doubt his motivation for murder, or his capacity for it.

But many different stories could have been told, that would not only include all those keen observations about foreign occupation, but would at the same time not be so unremittingly unpleasant to read.

Firstly, I should point out that the book eirty not take place in Brussels during the German occupation of Belgium. What about the other prisoners?


January 28, at 3: Toward Minna, though, he felt something like a pang of guilt. Frank commits his murder, and the crime leads to more depravity. He already lives well with no financial concerns and no real worry about punishment. Most of the citizens are barely scraping by, but Frank lives in his mother’s small whorehouse which caters principally to officers of the occupation army. The audience stare in disbelief.

November 7, at View all 35 comments. This is quite brilliant People like Camus were greatly influenced by American noir writing — by some accounts, indeed, The Stranger was inspired by James M.

Yes, I simmenon like that.

Dirty Snow by Simenon | His Futile Preoccupations

You are commenting using your WordPress. January 31, at 5: Dirty Snow is not a Maigret money maker, not a commercial novel, but one of Simenon’s ‘literary’ works; and what a dity it is to read.

Second only to The Strangers in the Houseit is my favorite Simenon. The old bag was made of different stuff.