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Basically, the relevant materials have to be declared unequivocally for example “artificial fin bag with leather decoration”. At some point someone must have discovered that, when animal skin was soaked in water for a long time with plant residuesit absorbed the dissolved tannins from the residues and converted the skin to resistant leather.

From sin, tanners developed a sophisticated tanning process which made a long-lasting and durable end product from hides and skins.

Standard – Furniture – Designations and their use DIN –

Especially the use of “Textile Leather” is forbidden. Leather has an insulating effect. Sometimes the flesh side split is coated with a finish and embossed or a layer of embossed and coloured polyurethane is glued to the surface to let it look like the more valuable grain side split. Abouttons of leather is produced each year, equivalent to about 1. At the top, the fibre intertwining is denser and more stable. It can also be carved with individual motifs or it can be embossed entirely.

Test yourself or your business online. Technical Resources Instruction Manuals. In countries like France the rules are much stricter. Genuine leather or artificial leather? Another advantage of leather is its low flammability. Each collagen fibre consists of up to 2 million fibrils.


A typical term for such material is bonded leather. It is not allowed to simply state “Leather”.

Steep Taper (DIN 69871) Gauge Retention Knobs

Initially, animal dn were flesheddried and rubbed with grease and oil to preserve them, to keep them soft and to make them water resistant. But this material does not have the benefits of leather and is forbidden to be sold as “leather”.

It is difficult for the customers to find out if it’s really ” Genuine Leather “. SSK grippers are not only suitable for clamping tools, but also workpieces or workpiece holders and pallets on machining centers, milling machines, boring machines, grinding centers, special purpose machines, and handling systems.

It cannot be declared as ” Coated Leather “. Even for experts, it is not easy to distinguish leather and artificial leather.

For materials which only look like leather, descriptions or names which might lead the customer to believe they are buying genuine leather should not be allowed. Leather has accompanied vin throughout history. Leather is a noble, natural, durable and warm material, which is mainly used to make shoesfurniturecar interiorsclothing and leather bags. Imitation leatheror any other substitute, does not come close to displaying similar properties.

The ability to use leather made it possible to survive in the coldest regions of our planet and generally to make life more comfortable. Often such descriptions are in English, even if the national language is not. In a lot of countries, leather that has a surface coating or surface layer thicker than 0,15 mm, has to be declared as ” Coated Leather dun irrespective of the way the coating was applied. Register online at inter and intra-company training, and certifying diplomas, seminars, distance learning.


It would be much better for the consumers if all producers were forced to set out clearly when split leather is used. A looser fibre structure is less resistant to tearing than a dense structure. There is a loophole that should be closed in many countries.

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But as long as consumers are familiar with words like “Faux Leather”, “Imitation Leather”, “Synthetic Leather” or “Artificial Leather” for describing imitation leather, these designations should be allowed.

Destruel Date of publication: Steep Taper Retention Knobs In Germany, for example, in upholstered furniture split leather must be specified in the description. These names have previously been used for non-leather materials. High-precision retention knobs are available for use with BERG steep taper grippers.

Terms and Conditions Terms of subscription Online watch. Leather can be formed or perforated. Therefore, always get confirmation of the material description in the invoice!

It can absorb moisture on the inside, then release it to the outside. Was this information helpful? It is mixed with other materials and frequently the question arises, whether using the description “Leather” or “Genuine Leather” conforms with local standards and laws, which differ from country to country.