All hell breaks loose in Meljean Brook’s erotic, supernatural debut novel. Lilith, a demon, has spent years tempting men and guaranteeing their. Behind the Story. DEMON ANGEL was conceived around the summer of , was originally a story titled HARBINGERS, and it starred comic book heroes in an . “With The Iron Duke, Meljean Brook has brilliantly defined the new genre of Steampunk “Sensual and intriguing, Demon Moon is a simply wonderful book.

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I can’t exactly put my finger meljeam why but the author’s writing style is sometimes hard to follow. It’s just too drawn out in the beginning. Intriguingly, Colin’s blood is tainted so that if anyone drinks from him, they will die.

I was probably influenced by the Joanna Bourne book I read right before this, but if it had started in the present day and flashed back to the couple’s brolk interactions, I think it would have been better. The last part of the book moves more along the lines of typical paranormal romance and finally fulfills its erotic promise, but with more depth and intelligence than is found in typical paranormals. This one is hot stuff ladies He fancied himself in love with his prey, and her ability to mimic each of them had alternately frightened, overjoyed and enraged him—and had reinforced his delusions of godlike impunity.

Every bit of him was gorgeous. Demkn was another new romance character for me and it goes without saying that all Brook’s characters are new in some respects, but Savi is unique just like Colin. Unfortunately, Colin’s and Savi’s love affair represents a maze filled with dozens of heart breaking dead ends.

Granted, it keeps things from descending into the melodrama of a Harlequin Presents or something, but I wish she’d tone it down a little. Any hobby he takes up, he’s brilliant whether it’s painting or playing the piano or the violin.


This is not your stereotypical romance. Aye, creatures such as I are a menace indeed.

Colin and Savitri are at odds most of the time, and simultaneously in such constant lust that Savirti may want Colin to change her to what he is. Ward 1st October Here I’ll run down the positive and negative things about it. Her parents are dead, and she was raised with Hugh by her very traditional Hindu grandmother.

Lilith flashed her teeth in a wicked grin. To view it, click here. But they are very, very well done.

Demon Angel

I know that it did and I know that I loved every second of it. The meljran four books in this series are: With the glimpsed evidence of Lilith’s humanity, Hugh embarks upon the role of Guardian with not only the burden of protecting mankind from the demons of Hell and the nosferatu upon Earth, but he also vows to save Lilith.

Let’s just say, when I thought the heroine was the Lilith of Biblical infamyI wasn’t sure I could wrap my mind around her being a heroine in a romance novel. His tone startled her out of her anger.

But in any case, what Colin lost was detrimental and he could meljjean turned into a very evil creature but luckily for him, he was and demno is surrounded by people who care and who give him strength.

I had really high hopes for this book, having heard such great things about this writer.

Demon Moon (The Guardians, #2) by Meljean Brook

The sex is hot. Since this is the first full book in the series, I suspect that the further books have expanded in this area, because this story has all kinds of potential. Maybe I’m just in a book slump. Mljean with This Book. Colin, the vampire, is slutty and vain and funny, but also completely self-aware and self-possessed and self-confident. Return to Book Page.


Hugh was a swoon worthy hero, but Lilith really stole my heart. Yet, he was not a supercilious, self-righteous plaster saint.

Second in the Guardians paranormal romance series revolving around the Guardians, beings endowed with angelic powers when that human dies giving his or her life to save another.

And Hugh never asked her to be any different. The full poem by Milton that Lilith tells Hugh is the reason Lucifer chose her last name is meljeqn follows: Sim, ainda tive problemas para compreender tudo o que se estava a passar.

They were instrumental in forcing Lucifer into closing the Gates of Hell for the next years. The only part that kept me involved was the intense relationship and continued connection between Hugh and Lilith.

Meljean Brook mdljean a habit of populating her books with interesting characters from all places and times, and it makes for a refreshing read. The characters in this book are all likeable! When an author has the ability to make a reader lose herself in a story and to create meljjean who are so overwhelming that every word or action has a double meaning, you know you have a winner. Yet Brook pulls it off and the complexities and the rampant emotions of Hugh and Lilith are captivating.

The Demoon The vampires of San Francisco are scared. Too little plot to romance ratio. Hugh tilted his head back to stare at her for a long, silent moment, and she greedily searched his features for a hint of regard. sngel

If I’m being honest, the premise also made me uncomfortable.