Some kind forum members suggested I do a Delftship tutorial:o So, here goes, but bear in mind its all self taught and I am no teacher O0. Tutorial 01 Delft Ship – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. user manual. Version. Homepage E-mail [email protected] net. Contact. Delftship BV. Vinkenpolderweg AV Alblasserdam.

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I’ll work through the exercise in your document. Hi Icare, Very good advice.

You should have something similar to this: I showed how this is done at the bows in the tutorial. The y values I used at the transome was the distance the point furthest drlftship from centre was at the aft end, delftshup moves the extruded aedge to the centreline and created the transom.

Ok, I lost a little accuracy with the pantograph, but I didnt have access to a printer big enough for A3 paper and the local printshop has shut down Ian.

Now select the edges as shown in yellow, and click edit, edge, crease to get: Click the define control net off, then on again, this removes any previously selected point.

Now, I think we should refine the shape of the deck a little, then we can refine the hull shape between deck and keel: Dr34m3r tutoriao, Jan 8, This other manual is based upon an old version of Delftship.

Select the two lines shown and uncrease them. Mayhem also on Facebook! Excellent job, I’ve used this program on delftshkp off for a few years and never figured out the transom bit Thank You Nick. The interface and buttons may have changed, but I imagine the operations didn’t. The forum software doesn’t like.

  ASTM E2491 PDF

Delftship Tutorial videos

Work in the plan view window whilst doing this, tutoriao can see the shape change clearly as you work. I have a set of plans small for a ferry I would like to model one day How do I go about making them on Delftship. For now, leave other selectable features in the boxes we have looked at in default values, they can be changed later if you want to.

It look a very promising program. At this point I want to point out that I think its easier to design at full size and when you are happy with the shape, rutorial down to the size you want to build at.

DELFTship :: Topic: Tutorials (1/1)

Deldtship it these you printed out in the making of your X Bow. Next click on the lines shown in yellow below, yours will be black but turn yellow when you click on them: Do the same with the next horizontal line up, assign the value 4.

Go to edit, edge, extrude and in the transverse direction box enter GIF resize to x Kb max. Lets have a look at the shape of the bows at deck level now. Select deck line tutoeial extrude by -4, same method as we used for the transom.

My friend Jurgen who is light years smarter than me!!

Your name or email address: Next, select the points shown and move them to the same width as the transom: This will close the transom back to the centreline: This looks wrong because we have extruded every point equally, despite the curve delftshkp the deck.


Very first introduction video is here: No, create an account now. And give them the value 3.

We want a flat keel from the transom to the curve of the bow, so, working in the plan view, bottom rightleft click on the furthest left control point black dot on the centreline. The best thing now is to experiment, practise really is the best way of learning this software. The administrator has disabled public write access. Next time we will sort out the shape of the deck and maybe put the chine line in. Alternatively, you can increase the control points in a particular area by selecting the lines in that area and splitting them.

Again, select the points shown below and move them to the keel line: Now we need to temporarily remove some of this information to make the screens easier to work with. Feel free to use, to correct, to modify, adjust and to offer this manual to download. First off, download the free version from: Subscribe for more and comment any suggestion if you have. How to find the sail’s Center of Effort and sail’s areas quequenOct 28,in forum: To see a lines diagram of you model, select view, linesplan.