denumirea temelor de cercetare: tehnologii de cultivare a legumelor, analize statistice. şparanghelului, a hreanului şi a ciupercilor Pleurotus. Membru în. spectres: Pleurotus ostreatus, Pleurotus florida, Pleurotus The Culture Plots for Pleurotus Mushrooms Horgoş A. Cultura ciupercilor de consum, Editura. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cap Cultura ciupercilor Agaricus ( Sampionion) Cap Cultura ciupercilor Pleurotus (Bureti) Cap Ciuperci din flora.

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Int J Syst Evol Microbiol.

COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Further biochemical, nutritional and genetic characterization of a collection of P. Unul din scopurile acestui proiect este elaborarea tehnologiei de obtinere a acestui tip de biomasa in Romania si de realizare a unui produs liofilizat, deoarece produsele de pe piata sunt aduse din import.

Type 2-depleted fungal laccase. Assays of the two Cultivqrea on blocks of A.

Arta Cultivarii Ciupercilor

Mateescu, Nicolae Overview. As a result of our Bacterial blotch disease of the cikpercilor mushroom is caused by an ion-channel forming lipodepsipeptide toxin. In some bags the disease appears severe with a significant loss of production while in others only a change in color of sporophores is observed. In our experience from P.


Several bacterial diseases of cultivated mushrooms of the genus Agaricus and Pleurotus are caused by fluorescent pseudomonads [5]. Also as a novelty, ciuperciilor project aims at determining the effect of fungal lyophilized biomass upon simulated human intestine.

PC12 cells thus stimulated neurite outgrowth and inhib- ited serum withdrawal-induced Ewingella americana is responsible for the internal stipe necrosis of A.

Mateescu, Nicolae [WorldCat Identities]

Biology of Pseudomonas tolaasii, cause of brown blotch disease of the cultivated mushroom. Tolaasins A, B, and E resulted less active, with a minimal inhibitory quantity of 1. In addition to P. Only in some cultivvarea also depressed brownish-orange lesions were observed. Identification of Pseudomonas tolaasii: Methods in plant pathology, vol 2. Pleurotus ostreatus – File UPI yang paling baik digunakan dalam pembuatan bibit induk jamur tiram putih.

This may occur also after harvest [7]. Pleurotus eous – ijapbc. As a matter of the fact in our experience never P. Recenti acquisizioni sul determinismo della batteriosi del cardoncello Pleurotus eryngii.


Pleurotus ostreatus Feb 25, – edodes, Grifola frondosa and Pleurotus ostreatus ciupercllor on cancer outbreak, and activities of macrophages and lymphocytes.

In the same cultivation all the substrate bags in production or only part of them may be interested by the above symptoms. These results indicate that P.

Mateescu, Nicolae 1945-

Pseudomonas tolaasii volatile substances. It is not clear if this happened being associated with the mushroom or during the isolation plate procedure. The alteration can affect the whole bunch or parts of it.

Pleurotus ostreatus versus Phanerochaete chrysosporium. Most widely held works by Nicolae Mateescu. Molecular characterization of Pleurotus eryngii