Escuela de Orfebreria- Cincelado, Grabado, Damasquinado y Modelado en Cera : Trabajos de alumnos de #rojajoyeríaexperimental #burilado #barranquero. Eso no se si esta grabado o cincelado y niellado (una mezcla de plomo y carbon ) Puede haber sido burilado(carved) o cincelado (hundido). Los Lambayecanos usaron las técnicas de: • El repujado. • Grabado. • Cincelado . • Calado. • Recortado. • Burilado. • Aleaciones. • Soldadura.

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DM for more info! Some in progress pics too before the framing starryeyes glassgilding reverseglasspainting gilding gildarts goldleaf societyofgilders seppleafproducts nycgilder watergilding. An enjoyable, quiet day of applying 23kt gold leaf to one’s burulado Buddah.

Day two of Gilding Basics class with hard working focused students. Gilded glass block samples for a new client. Our Number 1, naomi. PM me or email: An entire room full of our bespoke finishing touches!

Incredible midth century pier or peer if you prefer mirror we’re restoring in a beautiful home in bourbon country in Kentucky. Join us as we study this ancient method of gold leaf gilding along with contemporary applications for burilaso of art on the beautiful grounds of Lexington’s The Apiary.


seppleafproducts Инстаграм фото

Love being able to create something specific for a wonderful client! Making sure the bole covers each bead equally around the surfaces.

Restoration of a c 18th century peer mirror frame. Starting with our supercustom centering tool, then triple gilding the lattice, and gilding the dome in circles.

I created this piece in Gilded burulado toned the frame face and corners to blend with the Liner and frame sides.

Pastel bburilado get special treatment. A stunning cupola restored and gilded by John Paschenko!!! A reminder to set your clocks back DM me for further details. Seattle, WA, December, To learn and reflect. Details in the link in Bio. Day two coming up.

Learning to handle gold leaf with the gilders tip.

DeWalt D25601 Power Hammer User Manual

Gilding Classes this Summer! A little oil gilding demonstration given. Just in case you’ve budilado looking for us Thankful for all our customers and the beautiful work they create with our gold and metal leaf. Firemen’s Insurance building dome, gilded 10 years ago, still looking good!


I was happy to be working on a small series again, it has been almost 2 years since my last one.

Interesante perfil Repost from seppleaf. Acrylic and 23 karat gold leaf. Cleaning up around the newly gilded letters on the Memorial wall at Pershing Park. Art glass Eye, sandblast depth carved on surface, gilded with mica powders, reverse painted with 1shot enamels illuminationartanddesign glassart artglassdesigners eyeofhorus allseeingeye sandblastedglass seppleafproducts reversepaintingonglass micapowder eyeseeyou artglass commissionedart 1shotpaint handpainted.