Thread: Canon DRc Scanner File Type: pdf DRC Pick up scanning application for the DRC/ C/ C. There may be. For details on the Properties dialog box, refer to the User. Manual. 9. Click the [ OK] button to exit the scanner settings. Specify the file name and the file type . That’s exactly what Canon’s latest high-speed DRC, DRC and DR- C capabilities while reducing costs and time consuming manual tasks.

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Return the double-fed document pages to the tray and press the Start key.

Canon IMAGE FORMULA DRC Reference Manual (Page 38 of 68)

The [Barcode] dialog box is displayed when you click the [Barcode] button, and allows you to configure settings related to detecting barcodes. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

The file-deletion confirmation screen appears. So be careful to avoid loading documents at skewed angles. Wrinkled or creased documents Curled documents Torn documents Documents with paper clips or staples Carbon paper Coated paper Extremely thin, translucent paper To scan bound multi-page documents such as invoice booklets, place the bound edge against the feeder inlet and scan by manual feeding.

If document feed errors continue to occur after cleaning the rollers, purchase the Roller Replacement Kit and replace the transport rollers pickup, feed, and retard rollers. Troubleshooting This section describes the problems that may occur during use of the scanner Imprinter Font Specify the font size of characters to be imprinted or added. The following conditions are recommended for optimal scanning quality: Never attempt to lift the scanner by yourself. Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Image Quality When the scanning resolution is set to or dpi, you can enable this setting and select either [Speed Priority] or [Image Quality Priority].


Correction MX doesn’t work either. The scanned image is abnormal for certain cqnon. If [Auto-detection] is selected, the edges of the document are detected and images that match the size of the document are saved. It is time to replace the rollers the number of fed pages has exceededPower Outlet Wipe the rollers using a moistened and firmly wrung- out cloth while rotating the rollers.

Quit all resident applications. Clean the scanning glass and rollers. Use the supplied USB cable to connect the scanner 3.

User Manual DR-9050C/DR-7550C DR-6050C

Oct 13, 5: When uninstallation is finished, click [Finish]. Otherwise, normal continuous feeding will be disabled the next time someone uses the scanner. See Performing an Imprinter Test on p filetyppe Imageformula drcImageformula drcImageformula drcDrc, Drc, Drc. Do not place excessive force on the rollers when removing or reinstalling the rollers.

The setting can be changed in the [Counter] dialog box. Hint For Manual Feeding, you must feed document one page at a time. Follow the indicated procedure to resolve the error. Scanning Side is set to [Simplex].

See p With CapturePerfect 3. Important Safety Instructions To ensure the safe operation of this scanner, be sure to read the safety warnings and precautions described below. In such cases, restart the application you are using and change the configurations before scanning again. When blank pages are not skipped, cajon the content density.


Slide the feed roller to the right, and then pull them 7. To reset the guides so that they are equidistant from the center, perform the following procedure to spread the guides to filetyppe left and right as far as they will go. Open the upper unit and remove the jammed paper.

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You can select the name of a saved set of user preferences in the list box to load those settings into each tab sheet. If this occurs, scan by using black and white or reducing cabon image quality. Select the mode that best suits your document.

Click [OK] to finish scanner selection. This product should be handed over to a designated collection point, e. Job Function The job function is for using the [Job] key on the control panel to select and execute jobs registered by Job Registration Tool, and allows you to execute scanning without using a scanning application.

Press the Menu key on the control panel. For details, see the description of each dialog box.

Page 4 If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment.