bodas de odio-florencia bonelli. grandes esperanzas bizancio el jinete de bronce el revés de las lagrimas la mecánica del corazón-mathias malzieu maria. Bodas de Odio (Spanish Edition) [Florencia Bonelli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Bodas de odio – Florencia Bonelli – Descargar epub y pdf. En encontrarás biografÃ-as y obras de Bonelli Florencia y muchos más escritores .

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I really liked this book and Floreencia am already halfway through the second one. I like the breadth of the story in terms of significant issues and the passion of the main characters.

Bodas De Odio Florencia Bonelli Pdf

While I think general plot is good, the way the writer presented story was distracting. Despite their differences—and current relationships—an undeniable attraction swallows them whole, driving them into a whirlwind romance and irreversibly intertwining their devastating secrets, powerful friends, and nefarious enemies.

Activado Lector de pantalla: Ver o modificar mis pedidos en Mi cuenta. Amazon Mexico Services, Inc. The intensity of their love and their commitment to their personal aims is as exciting and as complex a romance as you will find.

That alone reflects how much I’m enjoying this author’s work. Too often I feel like I’m reading novellas instead of a complete novel. Todos los derechos reservados. Matilde, also an unusual name, is indeed like a fairy.

La Tienda Kindle en Amazon. One thing you have to read slow because is a lot to take in. I really like the whole aspects of this love story.

While part of me is interested in finding out what happens to these characters, I will not be reading the last two books. Just when you’ve had enough of the sexual tension between them, Ms Bonelli switches to the other complicated parts of the plot which include espionage and international political intrigue.


Gana dinero con nosotros. I like the fact that even though it seems these two people are destined to be together, getting there and staying there is not easy. Too much international intrigue for me in unfamiliar territory. Soon Eliah and Matilde find themselves at the center of a geopolitical nightmare, and not only is their love at risk, but their very lives.

Bonelli currently lives in Buenos Aires. After reading it, she abandoned her studies for a life as a writer. BWR66W8 Texto a voz: Looking forward to completing the trilogy! I will also be reading the last book in this trilogy. Can wait for florenncia 2 I am already thinking buying them for collection. Like others have said, the names will boda a bit difficult to remember, but that won’t stop you from enjoying the story.

I really like this story more than any book have read so far. Mis pedidos Obdas mis pedidos recientes. Eliah is the rich and powerful son of a Saudi prince, and the owner of a French security company—actually a front bocas mercenary and espionage services—while Matilde is a pediatric surgeon from Argentina, whose only dream is to work in Africa helping children in need. The real world issues involved provide the intrigue.

Many of the secondary characters have unfamiliar names and so it was hard to remember who’s who! The plot is engaging and complex. Matilde’s aunt just happens to be the best friend bonellk Eliah’s mother, yet neither had ever heard of the other person before?

Since then, Bonelli’s historical novels have conquered bestseller lists in Argentina and all over the world; her work has been published in Spain, Germany, Portugal, and all of Latin America. Detalles del producto Formato: I am eager to see where the story and relationships go in Part two. AmazonCrossing 23 de julio de Vendido por: I don’t generally review books, but I florrencia the need to with this one. I like the length of this book as well. Florencia Bonelli was born in Cordoba city, Argentina, and was studying to be an accountant when she discovered The Sheik by Edith Hull.


Her character is both immature and difficult to relate to although an appealing one–especially men! Lo que dicen tus ojos. My other problem with the book is how neatly she interconnected all of the people. descaryar

The two main characters, Eliah and Matilde take you on the roller coaster ride that is their relationship, from the very start. You immediately feel connected to the characters, even the minor ones. This love story has everything you want in the book, there is no repetition, sometime you think your are reading a movie book and then you flip the page and there descarrgar have an erotic love story.

Bodas De Odio Florencia Bonelli Pdf

La historia de La Diana I. I love the way the author introduced the characters, how she described them. She would jump very bonelil from topic to topic without connecting the dots so to speak.