PDF | Blanchot’s The Madness of the Day shows that when we have to make sense of experience, we inevitably distance ourselves from the raw, naïve. Madness of the Day demands to be watched, but then, I would think that. I first came upon it at La Mama, a theatre I’m ashamed to say I’d never. Maurice Blanchot, The Madness of the – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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I have loved people.

What work went on at the bottom of that earth! The story obscures the sun. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Blanchot wished each of his literary works to be an enigma, to himself and to his readers. Aug 06, Baahaarmast rated it really liked it. An Interview with Franz Rottensteiner. The madness of the day, the snake eating its tail, the eternal recurrence, the story ever telling itself by saying noth The madness of the day is the night seeping through the light that distinguishes the day from the night; the twilight of conciousness which moves between madness and sanity, which is both human and yet beyond.

Jules Renard, translated by Richard Wilbur.

The Madness of the Day by Maurice Blanchot

The invisible world pervades the visible world. Where were these talents that were made to speak like gowned judges sitting on benches, ready to condemn me day and night. Divine communion time is mandess little kitties.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! To view it, click here. He began his career on the political right, but the experience of fascism altered his thinking to the point that he supported the student protests of May Blanchot macness be introduced to the Lovecraft crowd. If part of you stands still you might see what they can’t see I really want to mean what it feels like if it is still living, uncertain.


The Madness of the Day

Mar 01, Eadweard rated it liked it Shelves: Mariele Ventrice rated it it was amazing Mar 21, But perhaps not all the time. Audible Download Audio Books. Caroline rated it it was amazing Aug 19, And who w ” They said to me sometimes it was the doctor, sometimes the nurses”You’re an educated man, you have talents; by not using abilities which, if they were divided among ten people who lack them, would allow them to live, you are depriving them of what they don’t have, and your poverty, which could be avoided, is an insult to their needs.

We were madnwss by the story and the combination of its narrative with the situation that we created. Can I describe my trials?

I didn’t feel blah blah blah. As it came and went it insulted me, it tired me out; oh, I was certainly very tired. Apes on a Horse and More Toys from the Void.

I feel sick at trying to sound smart. View all 25 comments.

I had that feeling of multiple selves following him. People searching for peace of mind through The World’s First Fantasy Magazine: Living Design in Japan. That was before there were the cracks big enough to hold all of the other sick people. When I got up I could feel nothing. An invisible learning that no one could prove and that I myself searched for without success. Feb 19, Josue Balnchot rated it really liked it.


The story was over! I greatly regret not being able to go back to see this production again — unfortunately we waited until the last night of its run — it was incredibly moving to see it placed in a context, given life by John Flaus, a virtuoso performance in unenviable conditions that make me call it a heroic one also.

Read it marness in my 20s and at 60 when I think of it the whole story just appears as a whole in consciousness.

Madness of the Day by Maurice Blanchot

Go down the street and there will be more. I never talk to anyone anymore because I feel blah blah blah all of the time.

And when this day fades, I will fade along with it—a thought, a certainty, that enraptures me. Then I noticed for the first time that there were two of them and that this distortion of the traditional method, even though it was explained by the fact that one of them was an eye doctor, the other a specialist in mental illness, constantly gave our conversation the character of an authoritarian interrogation, overseen and controlled by a strict set of rules. But because there were two of them, there were three, and this third remained firmly convinced, I am sure, that a writer, a man who speaks and reasons with distinction, is always capable of recounting facts that he remembers.

Sometimes I became enraged. Paperback31 pages.