In Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths, bestselling author Bernard Evslin shares his passion for these fabulous tales and the eternal. For Greek myth fans, those who can’t get enough of the D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths, and readers who have aged out of Rick Riordan, this classroom. In Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths, bestselling author Bernard Evslin shares his passion for these fabulous tales and the eternal themes they.

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I enjoyed reading the background stories on the various Greek gods. This is a pretty good book that goes over the Greek myths in a creative and entertaining way.

Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths : Bernard Evslin :

Honestly, it’s not a bad book. Account Options Sign in. There were many of them, but twelve chief ones.

Cronos was pleased because the boy was beautiful. Want to Read saving…. With over seventy titles, which include both novel-length retellings and short stories, Evslin is one of the most widely published authors of classical mythology in the bdrnard. Some were new, some were familiar, some were boring, some were interesting.

Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths by Bernard Evslin | : Books

This time she did heroees flee. They are very close together and not spaced out well, so it’s slightly more “annoying” to read and it doesn’t make you want to read the book.

Refresh and try again. Please add your card again, or add a different card. The girl was inside, spinning. Had to read this for school and I thought that it was pretty good. Readers learn a new side of Daedalus, the father of Icarus, who invented the labyrinth for King Minos. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads bernaed. I also liked that it had lots of myths in one book not one full myth.


Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths

He wanted a book about the Greek gods. Heck, they only mention Ares once, in one sentence, in the entire book and he’s part of the main pantheon.

She concocted the science of numbers and taught it to man–but never to woman. That is probably why the author did not do that.

Recommendation I recommend this to young adults that have an interest in mythology or just want a series of short stories because having background makes it easier to understand what is happening and the gods.

Berna We have known the Greek Gods, the demigods and the heroes through various re tellings snd fiction and movies that try to capture their essence in terms of powers and conquests. Ah, befnard for the youth I shall let it go on the library shelves! Perseus, fearless mortal warrior, who takes on an impossible challenge: Add a card Contact support Cancel. It did not disappoint. Arachne was a young girl who lived in Lydia, famous for its purple dye. He attacked fiercely, driving the young gods before evvslin.

He reached through with his hundred long arms and unbound the hundred knots. He is 10 years old. Your session has expired. Her joy was weaving, and she wove the most beautiful things anyone had ever seen: I found this extremely entertaining. They thanked Zeus and immediately chose him to be their leader. But her weeping kept Zeus awake. Every God, demigod, hero worth mentioning is talked about in a lucid style tracing the origin, their powers and their claims to fame in a very matter of fact manner.

Far above her head she heard a voice speaking softly, saying terrible things. Beyond that, however, I was fascinated by the intricacy of these old myths and the fundamental ideas of humanity that they contend with.


Why is availability limited? He became a fish and swam after her. The world of Greek mythology contains some of the most exciting and imaginative stories ever told. One by one, he swallowed his children as they were born. He turned into a hawk and flew after her. However, Uranus tells him that one of his sons would overthrow him one day. Common terms and phrases Acrisius Aegeus Aphrodite Apollo apple Arachne Ariadne Arion arms arrows Asclepius Atalanta Athene beast beautiful boar brass breath burning called Calydon castle caught chariot cousin cried Cronos Daedalus dance dark daughter Demeter dream earth eyes face father fell felt flew gift girl goddess gods gold golden Greek grew Hades hair hand head heard Hephaestus Hera Hermes Hippomenes horses huge hunt husband Icarus kill king knew Labyrinth leaped light listening lived looked lyre maidens marble married Medusa Meleager Midas Minos Minotaur monster mother mountain never night nymphs Olympus oracle Orpheus palace Persephone Perseus Phaethon Polydectes Poseidon princess Psyche Pygmalion queen race river secret shoulders shouted sisters smiled stone stood swiftly sword tall Tartarus tell Theseus things thought throne Titan told took touched tree tunic turned voice watching wind wings word young Zeus.

Translated into multiple languages, and with more than ten million copies sold, this invaluable resource has become a classic in itself.

About Bernard Evslin Bernard Evslin was a novelist, playwright, film writer and director. She was determined that he should not eat her next child who she felt sure would qnd a son. They were always quarreling.