Selected Basavanna Vachanas, 12th Century Basava Vachanas. Vachanas are not written in Sanskrit, the liturgical language, or not even in the high-brow Kannada of the court, but in local ‘sub-standard’.

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Guru Basava Selected Vachanas

The revolutionary streak of Veershaivism permeates through its poetry too. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nobody has seen Krishna playing his flute.

The first one tells about the desperation and longing Basavanna had for Vachwnas, the lord of kUDala sangama A place in Karnataka, where river malaprabha joins river krishna. But this song is also significant in other ways. Half the joy of translation is to have touched something so beautiful, even if only superficially.

Basava – Wikipedia

Jan Peter Schouten states that Virashaivismthe movement championed by Basava, tends towards monotheism with Shiva as the godhead, but with a strong awareness of the unity of the Ultimate Reality. Listen, O lord of the meeting rivers, things standing shall fall, but the moving ever shall stay. This normally happens at the drut — or fast phrases.

Menu Skip to content Home Translations My poems. However, he does not list out all the 32 raagas in this song. Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. Wikisource has original text related to this article: This page basaveshwra last edited on 28 Decemberat First basavewhwara see what he says in one of the stanzas of tutturu toorendu: So, the internal evidence from these compositions is giving a list of 31 rAgas probably out of the legendary 32 — this is but my speculation that were in vogue in the 15thth centuries.


Give me reference copy of kannada and english. If you do not read Kannada, here is the notation for the Varna in English:. Both vzchanas these innovations together allow for a high degree of originality and spontaneity that is not very easy to miss.

Basava Vachana Galary

Koodala sangama — A place at the confluence of Krishna and Malaprabha rivers in Karnataka. Basavana Bagewadiin Bijapur district, KarnatakaIndia.

The poetry Vachanas literally, that which is said form the backbone of the Veershaiva religious canon. If you happen to know a link, please pass it on! The Basava Purana of Palkuriki Somanatha. As the chief minister of his kingdom, he introduced new public institutions such as the Anubhava Mantapa or, the “hall ksnnada spiritual experience”[7] which welcomed men and women from all socio-economic backgrounds to discuss spiritual and mundane questions of life, in open.

Basava’s father favors the tradition of rituals, while Basava favors the path of direct, personal devotion bhakti. The partridge bird worries about moonlight The lotus flower worries about the sunrise The bee only worries about drinking fragrant nector My only worry is to be reminiscing about you Oh my lord of kUDala sangama! Ni chief minister of the kingdom, Basava used the state treasury to initiate social reforms and religious movement focussed on reviving Shaivism, recognizing and empowering ascetics who were called Jangamas.

Now, we have just over a thousand of his compositions available. Basaveshwars rich will make temples for Shiva, What shall I, a poor man do? Of the verses that I had at my disposal, I have only translated a select few. Speaking of Siva -neelanjana. Basava emphasized constant personal spiritual development as the path to profound enlightenment. However, modern scholarship relying on historical evidence such as the Kalachuri inscriptions state that Basava was the poet philosopher who revived, refined and energized an already existing tradition.


This might be a limitation of my own experience though The translation I am not really translating the Vachanas from Kannada to Hindi. Kalyani has passed the test of time. Still thankful to Ramanujan though: By the way good one.

Basavanna’s Verses : Hindi Translation of Selected Vachanas

His wife Gangambike[12] was the daughter of the prime minister of Bijjalathe Kalachuri king. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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And, if you are keen on reading more vachanas, but do not know kannaDa, here is your best bet — A collection of vachanas tranlated in English by Prof A K Ramanujam: Listen to this vachana here: All bhakti poems are characterized by that unique undercurrent of raw emotion, a helpless soul in despair, alone in the world, feeling the searing pain of separation from the lord, its cry now embellished, now withdrawn, but always present. Archived from the original vachanax 27 May This path offers nothing less than liberation in this lifetime.