Hi Alan,. Just received a copy of your book. I have been fascinated by this method. He and Barry have been very successful with the diminished approach. Pianist Barry Harris’ method which outlines a more summarized, yet in-depth, approach to jazz harmony. Method adapted for guitar by Alan Kingstone. Thread: Kingstone/Harris Harmonic Method for Guitar I know there is a dedicated Barry Harris thread, but most of it is focussed on single line improvisation. Alan’s book doesn’t really seem focussed on that (although maybe .

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Very rewarding but not for the beginner. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Thank you for this book. You have laid it out so beautifully and I am going to work on it.

You could board a jet plane at point A, zone out for a while in the generic looking cabin, alwn off at point B to take in a meal and a concert, and then fly on another generic jet where you zone out for another 2 hours before reaching point C for some more site seeing.

The Barry Harris Harmonic Method for Guitar

The approach and concept is extremely organic, nothing sounds forced or by rote. I am climbing out of old perspectives and into mwthod ones.

When was the last time you listened to the symphony, for instance, and said oh yeah, Am7b5 — D7. Jazz Guitar Voicings – Vol. Barry Harris is a great pianist and a great educator. I have been fascinated by this method. He is truly a master and as you well know he was the first cat to teach harmoniic in a logical way.


Studying the concepts put forth in this book will not teach you a set of hip sounding voicings.

Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Borrowing 3. This doesn’t make you sound like anyone in particular, it just helps you to explore a vast amount of musical possibilities in a fun and accessible way, and, in this case, that can’t be overstated. This is NOT just another jazz guitar book, of which you probably already own dozens, most rehashing the same topics.

Imagine, a system for learning jazz harmony that actually embraces the concept of improvisation. You’ll learn that all of the voicings in that harmonized scale will work over the chord and that you can create new voicings on the fly hafris borrowing notes between the 6th chord and the diminished chord as you move between them in harmonjc and release.

I think debate over whether this is the only way to do things is beside the point. About Studying the concepts put forth in this book will not teach you a set of hip sounding voicings.

I remember Pat Martino telling me about his diminished approach way back in the 70’s.

I gave this a well-deserved five stars, and I think you should order it now. Lastly you’ll learn that any dominant chord has a parent diminished chord and that the 3 parent diminished chords each forms 4 dominant chords by lowering one note and that any of these 4 dominants can be substituted over any of the 4 related dominant roots to form various “alt” forms.

Kingstone’s writing style is refreshing and fun, and the organization of materials allows you to instantly become immersed in Barry Harris’s brilliant ideas, while also making it easy to find, with a few page turns, any particular concept for review and deeper study.


If you had to sum it up, his viewpoint is that the prison of ii-V-I is too static and confining, that jazz and all music should be about motion, even when the chord chart says the harmony is static. I like that thousands of possibilities open without having metyod get too analytical, just kingstohe fun playing.

Either one becomes a “hitter” or, one becomes a “mover”. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Click On Each Image to Zoom. There is a beat by beat analysis showing readers which concepts were put to use at any given point.

The Barry Harris Harmonic Method for Guitar – Howard Rees’ Jazz Workshops

Click Here to Order Now! Add to Wish List. Berliner, University of Kinngstone Press Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Great work and may I bug you with a question or two along the way. Its kngstone here beginner to advanced, but the Chordability DVD will handhold you painlessly through the basics and then you’ll really be ready and eager for the deep water here.

He is a living and brilliant extension of Bud Powell.

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Please try again later. Or maybe I should be telling folks to pass this one up who needs the competition, right? Finally after all these years I’m finally seeing how to put it all together in a way that is musical.