A4 | S4. Quick Questions & Answers. Truth in Engineering C. Audi. Truth in . Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for operating conditions of this feature. Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Audi A4. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Audi A4.

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On-board computer Resetting the service interval display Your Audi dealer resets the display after each service. All luggage and other objects must be safely secured in Never place objects in the driver’s footwell. Passengers not wearing seat belts risk fatal injuries in the event of an accident. This makes it more difficult to break into the vehicle.

Page — More stubborn dirt can be removed using a mild soap contact your Audi dealer. Mannual Applies to vehicles: For Audi A4 Avant Quattro 1. Page Adjusting brightness of warning lamp Applies to vehicles: Page Trailers with a high centre of gravity may even tip over before high trailer weight.

2018 Audi A4 / S4 — Owner’s Manual

Page 12 Switch for electric sun blind Optimised three-point seat belts for all seats, Pressing the button a second time will switch on the It is advisable to open the air outlets when using the auxiliary blower again.

The glass can break when you touch the bulb, causing injury. To change the bulbs, you must remove the rear light. Seat belt height adjusters can be used to adjust the height of the shoulder portion of the seat ownef. If the vehicle has products. Special fixtures must then be added in order to safely transport luggage, bicycles, skis, surf boards or boats on the Storage oner.


To increase the sensitivity level of the — The selector lever lock engages automatically if the brake pedal is not depressed and the The selector lever lock prevents gears from being ajdi is in position N for more than about a second.

Ajdi See for A4 Pricing and specification manual – 82 pages Quick reference manual – 6 pages User manual – 5 pages. While the vehicle is moving, this function distributes the available power to the various electrical components and systems according Please note that certain convenience features, such as the Audi to their requirements. Switch on the ignition do not start the engine.

Keep watching the turn signals during that time. This is no cause for concern. The target speed you When setting the distance, the driver is responsible for adhering have set is marked by diodes in the speedometer.

Audi A4 / S4 – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Audi dealers carry stocks of cleaning products which xudi been tested for use on your vehicle and are not harmful to the Waxing and polishing environment. Audi dealers have the latest information from the manufacturer and can However, if you have no alternative but to use a rear- There are a number of safety points concerning the airbag ward-facing child seat on the front passenger’s seat, kwner front system which you should remember.


The steering lock is released locking switch on the door handle or the remote control key. If the vehicle in front of you is travelling in the same lane at a much being reliably recognised or, in some circumstances, not being slower speed or if it brakes hard, the Audi braking guard will calcu- detected at all.

However, this can be greatly reduced by obstacles buildings, etc. For the current range of child seats from Audi Genuine Accessories manjal Page This does not mean there is a fire in the vehicle.

This can result in the system not detecting the lane Applies to vehicles: Locked doors could delay assistance in an emergency, poten- When you lock the vehicle, the janual locking system will automat- tially putting lives at risk. Parking aid switch Description The Audi parking system plus is a parking aid with acoustic signals and graphic display.

The diesel particulate filter can filter out almost all soot particles contained in the exhaust gas. Page 27 The display may not be complete on new vehicles within the first km.

Power Management Applies to vehicles: