AS/NZS This joint Australian/New Zealand standard was prepared by joint Technical Committee ME, Petroleum Pipelines. AS/NZS () Revisions AS () has recently been revised and released as AS/NZS () with a number of. AS — Australian Standard. ®. Pipelines—Gas and liquid petroleum. Part 2: Welding. A. S. —. This is a free 10 page.

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The most important of these is that because the limits are based on experimentally validated plastic collapse considerations, the welds have to ass shown to have adequate toughness in order to ensure that failure does not occur by brittle fracture. Non-destructive 2885. may be used to locate areas substantially free from discontinuities before the test specimens required for destructive tests are taken see Clause 6.

Burn-off rate is proportional to the heat input, divided by the square of the electrode core wire diameter. Remaining wall thickness in the corrosion pit areas 2885.2 weld metal deposition repairs. Copies of the legislation may be obtained from the State Law Publisher. Welds made in accordance with other standards e. Prequalified welding procedures shall be documented in accordance with Clause 5.

AS – Key Concepts and Application – Australian Pipelines and Gas Association

Acceptance criteria are as follows: Method A Vickers hardness test shall be carried out aw accordance with AS The new revision aims to address previous issues and update the standard in accordance with the current state of pipeline welding. Discontinuities shall be identified and symbolized.

Reference reflectors shall be no larger than the maximum acceptable defects they simulate. The gain level for each transducer shall be recorded as the primary reference sensitivity for respective transducers.

The WELDNET – AS/NZS Review – Australian Welding Institute

As well as items listed above, an additional number of butt welds shall be subjected to nondestructive examination, and this number shall be dependent on the class of pipeline as follows: Criteria of acceptance The test specimen shall be deemed to be acceptable if the polished surface of the weld and the heat-affected zone shows the following: Weld metal deposit repairs to pipelines made in accordance with Clause Destructive tests may be used to supplement non-destructive examination.


A pipeline that contains, or has contained, petroleum fluids other than lean natural gas but has not been purged shall be cut only by mechanical means. This requirement was inadvertently omitted from the edition. Qualification by the use of supervision. The choice of which tier is to be used shall be approved. Any combination of electrodes may be used to qualify a procedure.

This is principally a consequence of the fact that planar defects are assumed to be one weld pass deep i. The size of fillet weld shall be the leg length of the largest isosceles triangle that can be inscribed in the weld section.

The WELDNET – AS/NZS 2885.2 Review

Specific attention should be paid to the risk of ignition or electrocution due to the pipeline being at an elevated potential with respect to earth, and the likelihood zs it may carry substantial currents.

Discontinuities so detected shall be subsequently evaluated using the appropriate sensitivity and recording requirements as follows: Welding onto pipelines with a wall thickness less than 4. Elongated slag inclusions e. Activities undertaken within the scope of this Standard shall be directed by a pipeline licensee appointed for the purpose of giving approvals as defined in this Standard.

Any length of internal concavity is acceptable, az the density of the radiographic image of the internal concavity does not exceed that of the thinnest adjacent base metal. This term also applies to the purified product. A discontinuity known as root slag intrusion, which occurs at the toe of the root bead, is recognized as an intrinsic feature of cellulosic electrode welds in pipelines.

Other processes may be submitted for inclusion in the Standard upon provision of the following information: You may be required to comply with this standard if you are a registered gas fitter. Weld passes in a butt weld shall be identified as shown in Figure 5. Qualified by separate tests in each position or a combination of 2G and 5G test welds.

The regulations were promulgated on 4 July and came into effect on 2 August The preferred technique of radiographic examination of welds in pipelines is that of using an internal orthogonal x-ray radiographic crawler as, inter alia, the detectability of imperfections including cracks is superior to that obtained using high-energy gamma rays or double-wall exposure techniques. Test specimens shall be cut from the test piece by a method that does not change the properties of the test specimens.


In the case of the thicker component, the thickness for design internal pressure shall be not greater than 1.

Except for weld metal deposit repair welds, side bend tests are applicable only to welds made by gas metal-arc and flux cored welding processes. LP shall be unacceptable when any of the following conditions exist: Assessment of the welder or operators first production weld in accordance with Clause 8. Accommodate dimensional tolerances in abutting pipes.

The welding of corrosion-resistant alloy steel pipelines, or pipelines with wall thickness less than 3. A suitable form for welding procedure detail is given in Appendix F. Where the wall thickness is between 3.

The weld joint design shall be in accordance with the AS Criteria shall be as follows: The production of documentary evidence showing that the test piece required for the qualification of the welding procedure has been welded, and that the procedure has been qualified.

If either of these additional test specimens fail, the welding procedure shall be deemed not to comply with this Standard. Further information about the introduction of the regulations is available on this page above.

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