Published just months after Armand Schwerner’s death on February 4, , the Selected Shorter Poems and the first complete edition of The Tablets together. THE TABLETS is his answer. Armand Schwerner has been “reconstructing” these fictional Sumero-Akkadian inscriptions, apparently from the time of The Epic of. No selection of this abbreviated length can convey anything like the full richness of Armand’s poetry. The Tablets themselves, despite the controlling presence of.

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These small-press editions have long been unavailable.

Published by National Poetry Foundation first published January 1st Aarika rated it really liked it Dec 08, Books by Armand Schwerner. This same sense of immediate connectedness — of sincerity, that quality so valued by Objectivists such as Zukofsky and Oppen, whom Schwerner knew personally — is also to be felt when the poet uses the first-person pronoun.

Steve rated it it was amazing Nov 22, A Schaerner and Literary Forum. Weekly Newsletter Poetry Matters: The trouble with XXVII is that while the electron microscope testifies to the structural origin of its nine “dilapidated” clay cylinder-seals, “it does not absolutely guarantee the congruence of the materials.

The origin of this fictive Sumero-Akkadian civilization is not merely effaced to readers but was obscure even to those who lived in it. The deepest of deep parodies, The Tablets is a sort of Joycean hoax: Jan 23, Dead rated it it was amazing.


Return to Book Page. It is a moment when rhetoric counts, when poetry comes as close as possible to magic in the power it is believed to hold over reality.

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Armand Schwerner: The Tablets | Boston Review

San Diego, Junction Press, Two Paths for the Personal Essay The personal essay is not dead, but has it traded You will be helping us cultivate a public sphere that honors pluralism of tablet for a diverse and discerning public.

The Armabd is his brilliant monument to this realization, but its step by step progress can be seen in his shorter poems as well, many of them as technically accomplished and beautiful as the best parts of his long work. Note how the equally important Objectivist quality of precision comes into play in these stanzas from “the passage,” one of my favorites in the Selected Shorter Poems: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Make a tax-deductible donation today.

Steve rated it really liked it Jul 20, Rewriting Poland Marta Figlerowicz. An Interview,” American Poetry Review When I was young they would praise just about all I’d say, as if I breathed with them; my times are bad, the past is a joke, former admirers hound me, alone and treed what’s left of my ties armanc them who praised anything out of my mouth — my voice now that life floors me and they cut my best song, seeing what, lies?


Yet it was given to Schwerner, perhaps to a greater extent than any of his fellows, to understand the deep irony and uncanny pathos that informed the ethnopoetic project at its most serious — which is also to say, at its most grandly comic. Rather than sentimentalize either the child-like or the primitive, however, the poem enacts the oral immediacy which the poet finds so valuable.

Olga rated it it was amazing Jun 20, My dad’s father wrote this. But what strikes one as odd is that despite oracular passages in the work, its erratic typography would seem to render it the least sort of poetry capable of vocalization. Some days I do not doubt that the ambiguity is inherent in the language of the Tablets themselves; at other times I worry myself sick over the possibility that I am the variable giving rise to ambiguities.

Armand Schwerner: The Tablets

Ode to Failure Stacy Szymaszek. One Day, Tom Cruise M. If you lift your arms in grief may they never come down and you be known as Idiot Tree and may you never die 30 And so it goes for another three stanzas: