Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering NOTE: AR is a Joint Service Instruction and is also DLAI , AFMAN (IP), NAVSUPINST A, MCO A (The true file name when . provide extensive information about AR ( ).

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AR 740-3 Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS)

An installation or activity scheduled for inactivation will cite the proposed date. Is the amount of space in a warehouse or igloo—type structure, used for the storage of explosives, ammunition, or loaded ammunition components.

Defense Management Education and Training Program. Ammunition stockpile reliability program. A CH warehouse space will not be used for purposes other than for which constructed when any other warehouse or other type of suitable covered space can be made available.

When supplies can aar more economically positioned at another installation operated by another DOD component. To improve Armywide space use, all space for which there is no foreseeable requirement will be reported by installation commanders for disposition, allocation to others, placement in standby, or disestablishment per AR — Open space may be used for items which will derive little or no benefit from covered storage nor lose their serviceability when stored in 74-03 space or are slated for demilitarization, and for items 7740-3 are impractical to be placed in covered storage due to item characteristics.

Enter the net SF of storage space designated for bulk storage. If attached to the outside of the building perimeter, administrative office space should be located so as not to interfere with additions or extensions to the actual storage space.


Open storage may be used only for those items that normally are provided open storage.

AR Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS) :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

A remark will be provided which indicates the current report submission 740–3 the last that will be made by that installation. DALO—SUS process requests for warehouse space when major commands ad confronted with storage problems that cannot be resolved between interdepartmental storage offices. Net storage space available for storage will meet a minimum criterion of 65 percent of gross storage space used for bulk storage operations.

Space which remains vacant due to restrictions prohibiting its use.

Inspection charges to the ammunition appropriations will be limited to costs incurred in connection with approved programs for the remanufacture of existing inventory to a new approved configuration. Representative types of equipment requiring controlled humidity storage Representative types of equipment requiring controlled humidity storage are— a.

Adjutant General supply facilities. A change in the use of storage space from storage to non-storage purposes. Army Materiel Command Army prepositioned stocks APS Material configured to equip specific TOE type units upon initial deployment to a designated theater of operations.

This does not preclude the location of personal service space, for example, toilets, washrooms and lunch areas or facilities within the building concerned for the convenience of operating personnel zr therein.

This requires aggressive commitment to—.

File:Vasconia wide 740 3 – 80-ar.jpg

Cross-servicing, license, or permit a. Testing will be performed by or as directed by the material developer to evaluate reliability and to detect trends in the performance of the stockpile.

Other data elements used herein are subject to change. Ground support equipment The equipment used in firing and maintaining guided missiles and large rockets, such as launchers, handling and test equipment and radar s. Permission is required even if modifications have been made. In the case of unimproved open areas, only that space actually occupied by stored material or used in support of storage operations will be reported. Has warehouse space been diverted or converted structurally modified without permission?


Wet storage facilities, rail storage yards, POL tank farms, and arsenals. Warehouse space will be used to the maximum extent of availability to store serviceable and economically reparable unserviceable supplies. Section II Related Publications. The stockpile is stratified into various representative segments, for example, period of production, manufacturing, storage, and climatic conditions.

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Cubic space beyond the reach of available MHE lift height and floor load limitations will not be reported even though safety limitations or permissible stacking heights have not been attained. The report will reflect the storage space allocated and occupied by strategic and critical material at each installation and the quantity by 74-3 stored there. The need for temporary covered storage facilities, such as transitory shelters must be justified by a detailed analysis of the requirement.

Agencies responsible for directing shipments into storage installations will make certain that adequate covered storage space is available at the installation. APS stored in the non—CH storage awaiting availability of CH storage space or designated for open storage will be processed for storage using the procedures in TM 38—