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The Active Guard/ Reserve (AGR)

This will include, as 37-1004-3 minimum the professional development requirements the soldier must complete and the time frame for completion. Requests from Adjutants General to retain AGR soldiers beyond 20 years of Active Federal Service AFS for officers and warrant officers or enlisted soldiers’ mandatory release date in Table 5 – 1will comply with the following requirements.

Simply fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. However, soldiers who earn the privilege may be granted a special pass IAW AR 6 3 0 – 5paragraph Passes will not be approved for periods when.

Q&a | – Leader Development for Army Professionals

Promotion eligibility date PED The earliest date on which an officer who is recommended and selected may be promoted to the next higher grade. Special passes arr be documented and approved at battalion level or higher. This may be waived by The Adjutant General if a senior member of that branch is not reasonably available. These checklists are being developed and will be published at a later date.

What award is related to the Award Abbreviation: Aviators entering FTNGD from Active Military Service without a break in service must complete an chapter 4 retention ARflight physical within 18 months preceding initial entry. Elimination or downgrade of SPMD position. AR will be used to separate AGR soldiers as a result of physical disabilities. 37-14-3


Applicants who do not meet eligibility requirements and whose L n a m e s are not submitted to the selection board will be notified with a letter of explanation NLT 30 xr after final selection. AR Army Forces Training. Americans Continental Army Where? Explanation of abbreviations and terms. Rucker AL, will be used if administered within the 18 months before initial entry.

The Adjutant General or a member of his 37-1043- staff as defined in this regulation will direct the appointing of the selection board at the 06 Colonel or higher command level, commensurate 5 with the positions being boarded, provide administrative guidance to the board president, and approve or disapprove the proceedings of the board.

Soldiers who do not qualify within 12 months will be reassigned to positions for which they are qualified or separated from the AGR program. If used, the OML is limited to five soldiers. It may also a result from assignment error, or as an authorized exception to policy to correct an injustice.

States will publish a policy that emphasizes this restriction. Applicants being considered are assumed to meet the minimum eligibility criteria on the basis of initial AGR Management Section screening. Adjutants General will review all recommendations for separation under this paragraph and will make the final determination.

AR 37-104-4 Military Pay and Allowances Policy and Procedures Active Component

Records of applicants will be screened by the AGR Management Section prior to submission to the selection board.


The Army Sponsorship Program. Applicants must reenlist or extend in order to meet this requ i remen t. These assignments may be approved for the following: I agree to the Terms and Conditions of this site. When possible, the reassignment will be to a position commensurate with the military grade established for the full-time support position and MOS.

The most important fact to consider in the decision is that this soldier is not only the best available, but the only one available. Supervision of PFT program is the responsibility of commanders and supervisors. An authorized AGR officer position will be availabl: General AGR Continuation Boards will be established at State level to review and evaluate the records of AGR soldiers in the third year of 377-104-3 initial tour of duty, and every fifth year thereafter, for continuation in the AGR Program.

AR 37-104-4 Military Pay and Allowances Policy

Any of the following documents may be used: Recent Articles Where do I place my oak leaf clusters on the suspension ribbon of my full sized medal? Extensions are not authorized. AGR soldiers are required to be at their duty stations e. See ARparagraph